My Weekend Project

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May 5, 2007
I got bored... needed something to tinker with. So, I did what every male with a case of the shack nasties would do; I went out to the garage. While standing there, looking around and taking inventory, I looked up into the rafters and what did I see? An old metal sliding board from an old swing set, that had been up there since before I moved into the place. Bingo! I have found my project...

What the heck would someone do with an old sliding board, you ask? Make a coal lighting chimney, of course!

I needed something large enough to light a good pile of lump charcoal. Everything I've seen locally was too small, more geared toward briquets. Necessity is the mother of invention! I might have gone overboard a bit, but that's okay, this thing will hold some charcoal!

As you can see, it is not quite finished yet. I still need to add some holes, legs and the bottom grate. I'll post more when it's done...

It is a tad on the heavy side, but not unmanagable. At the very least, I'll get a good workout when using it!
If it's heavy now, wait till you fill it. Maybe if you have any extra material, try to add a second handle. It could help with control of the starter. Plus how many people can say they double fist while starting their cooker.
Well, let me test this puppy first... I want to make sure it works.
It's really not too bad... but it also isn't finished yet.
I think it will be managable.
Here's the final product. The "lighting chamber" does not exist on this version, as it will be lit over my propane burner. BTW, the measurments are 9.5" x 9.5" x 12". Lots of volume!
Not a bad idea there Debi! It just so happens that I have some wheels and more sheet metal lying in the garage... hmmm...

Thanks teacup! It was fun building it. I guess I went a little overboard on it's size with its roomy 1083 cubic inches of coal chamber...
Hawg there's no such thing as going overboard when it comes to building smokers and smoking implements . Great job man.
Thanks! I'll fire it up this weekend and let everyone know the performance results. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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