My son's birthday smoke w/qview

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  1. First off.....I need to appologize.  I have been away for quite a while, still smoking, but not sharing.  My son was born just about a year ago, so he has been taking up a lot of my time.

    Since he was born I have smoked salmon twice, cheese once, smoked most of the peppers from my garden, smoked about 15 pounds of almonds, 2 turkeys, abd have brewed 20 gallons of beer.  I have every Tuesday off from work, so I will teach him the ways eventually.

    Anyway, you don't want to hear my excuses.  I will get to the point.  My son's first birthday party is next Saturday.  So I am taking the oportunity to feed some friends and family well.  I have a 10 lb brisket, a 9 lb brisket, a 8 lb pork butt, and a 7.5 lb pork butt.

    The Victims

    I debated for too long on weather I was going to do this tonight, but I think it will be the only time I will have to do it this week.  So I threw together a rub very quick and didn't write down what I put in.  I hope it is good, but not to good, so that I don't spend the rest of my life trying to duplicate it.

    Rubbed and ready for the smoke.

    I put them in at 8:15 tonight, so I am prepared for a long night.  If it is anything like the last time I did butts, I will get to sleep around 10 tomorrow morning.

    2 hours in.....

    I forgot to mention the eggs.

    My dad was talking to me about an article that he read regarding smoking eggs.  I figured what the hell.  If they taste bad, I am aout a buck.

    I do have a couple of questions so far.  What temp should I hit for slicing the brisket?  Do I wrap it and throw it in the cooler for a rest?  The party isn't until Saturday, so do I pull the pork right after I take it out of the cooler from it's rest or will it still pull fine if I refrigerate it until Saturday morining?

    I will be awake all night, so i will keep you updated on the progress.


    The Victims


    Rubbed and Ready


    With egg.
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    First off your Qview isn't coming thur. I hear that with the new program we are using you just copy photos straight off your computer. Now your questions I would take the brisket to about 195° for slicing and 205° for pulling. Then yes you do foil it I double the foil and put it into the cooler for at least an hour longer if possible. Then take it out and enjoy 
  3. Eggs are done.  Let them cool until morning.  One for breakfast and the rest for deviled eggs.

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    Looks great.  I fixed your first post for you so that this thread is cleaner.
  5. Thanks bmudd.  I was trying to figure out what happened before I saw your post.
  6. Thanks mballi.  I guess my biggest concern is the 6 day wait that I have before serving.  I know tha keeping the meat intact until then will help to maintain the juices.  The brisket should be fine since I only plan on slicing it, but I am concerned that I won't be abl to pull the pork if it is cold.  Anyone think I should freeze it for one night then let it thaw until Saturday? 
  7. 140 degrees on the thickest part of the brisket.  Shouldn't have started the homebrews so early.....[​IMG]

    I can't find my spray bottle for spritzing with the apple juice.  Any suggestions on what I can use for a replacement?  I have a couple of basting brushes, but no mops......Maybe a mop is what I can suggest for a fathers day gift  [​IMG]
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    Go ahead and pull the pork when it's done. Por as much juice as you can get back on the meat. Put in freezer bags and get all the air out you can get or vacuum pack if you have one. When you reheat do it slow no more than 250degrees and it will taste great. Add a little water or applle juice to the meat to steam it. I do it all the time for the house and events I'm cooking at. 
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    how did the eggs turn out???
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    that looks great
  11. 8 hours in.....still awake, using a syringe for basting

  12. I will try the today and let you know.  I wanted to give them some time to chill in the frige before I try them.

    The butts are done.  They took about 15 hours this time.  The briskets are still in, they were about 175 the last time I checked.

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    Those look really good. [​IMG]
  14. The brisket after 17 hours

    All wrapped in foil, then a blanket, and placed in the chest cooler for a nice little rest.


  15. My Birthday was a few months ago, does that qualify me to get some of that awesome lookin' carnivore feast!! Looks real good Meatnbeer, thanks for the Qview!!
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    That all looks great nice job [​IMG]
  17. The eggs did not have a visible smoke ring, it was difficult to shell, but it was tastey.  Only a hint of smokeyness, so not really overpowering the flavor of the egg.
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    Amazing picture.  I want to dive right in there.  Great job and congrats on your boy's  first birthday

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