My smoker and how about goats.......

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Dec 4, 2006
Thought I'd show a pic of what I currently use for my smoking forays.

Anyone ever do anything with goat? Going to keep a couple this fall and I want to experiment.



I have the Texas Legends BBQ book and they talk about cooking goats just like whole hogs. Never done it and don't know where I'd get one around here but if'n you smoke one I'd love to hear about it! Pictures, pictures, pictures. ;)

If you want more info or a specific recipe from the book I'll be glad to dig ya one up if it's in there. Been a while since I read it.
Well, if you see anything exciting on goats, I'd be interested. They are going to meet their maker on Thursday. Then I can pick up my 1000# of burger too.... *sigh*
Opus, there was no specific recipe for a whole goat. There is a recipe for 1" thick goat steaks from the hindquarter. Here ya go:

Barbecued Goat

This is supposed to be a simplified 3-time winning recipe from the Brady Goat Cook Off. It is held every year over Labor Day weekend and only open to previous winners.

Rankins Spicy Dry Rub

You probably don't like MSG in your food, but you probably don't cook much goat either. Substitute a meat tenderizer that doesn't contain MSG if you prefer.

1/2 C salt

1/3 C ground black pepper

1/4 C paprika

1/4 C chili powder

1/2 C garlic powder


Combine all ingredients in a shaker bottle. This mixture will keep for a couple months. Makes about 2 Cups.

Goat hindquarter cut into 1-inch steaks (2 1/2-3 lbs)

1/4 C Rankin's Spicy Dry Rub (above)

2 sticks (1 cup) butter, melted

Rub the goat steaks with the dry rub and allow them to come to room temperature. Light your barbecue. Use wood chips, chunks, or logs and keep up a good level of smoke. Maintain a temperature between 275* and 325*F.

Start the steaks directly over the fire until you get a nice color, then move them to indirect heat. Turn and brush the steaks with butter every 30 to 45 minutes. If your fire gets too hot turn them quicker. Keep tasting the meat---it should get tender after 3 or 4 hours. If the USDA has a recommended temperature for a goat, I've never heard about it. Start testing around 155, but be aware that there's not much fat in goat. If you cook it too long it will dry out.

Serves 4 to 6


This recipe excerpted from "Legends of Texas Barbecue*Cook Book* Recipes and Recollections from the Pit Bosses". Robb Walsh author. The recipe was contributed by Lonnie Rankin.

It is an excellent read with lots of great recipes and interesting anectdotes and Texas BBQ Lore. It is well worth the price for the classic pictures alone.
Excellent. That sounds like a recipe for aged goat. These will be 9 months, kind of like lambs. I'll adjust times a little and should be good to go. Quite a bit of snow to dig out before I smoke anything though......
I used to have a neighbor that would spit roast a young whole goat a couple of times of year. While the goat was turning on the spit, he would mop it with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Every now and again he would sprinkle some garlic salt over the whole shebang (he prefered nannies over billies for roasting).
Goats good eating. Its different then lamb, nothing like venison. Kinda lean, so slow cooking is the ticket. FYI: goat meat is the #1 red meat in the world. Whooda thunkit!

This particular goat weighs about 50# and is about 9 months old. I have a yearling that I will probably grind and sausage, or maybe a few cuts out of it as well. Kinda unsure just what I will do at this time. But I DO know, it will involve smoke!
Kinda thinking I might take a quarter, not sure front or back. It will be a 50# kid. Cold smoke it for a day, then on another day grill it low and baste with butter/garlic or olive oil/garlic.

Whatcha think?

I will try the above with steaks as well.
When you are getting your goat meat. Most of the time they will try to sell you male goats. Most cultures will not eat the females, reproductive reasons. But if you are able too pick out your goat or have any control. Do not get it if the male was in rutt (spelling not sure of). OMG they stink and have a very strong oder that will get into the meat. We have a few goats and when the males are in rutt you can smell them 100yds away.

I don't even think of cooking them. they are my wifes pets and i like to sleep in my bed........
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In our stores they are turning 10kg  to 14kg dressed,so maybe 6-9 months old. I assume castrated males. You are right about the smell of those billy goats its incomparable,wasnt it Rambo 1 where the old Colonel says Rambo would "eat things that would make a billy goat puke"
. I do like the milk products,cheese ,yoghurt.
Yes The Billys are Nasty They pee in their Beards ( its how they attract a doe) and If You wash it first Before You skin It You shouldn't have any Issues ( or so The Guys here that slaughter them Say) I raised several Goats in my first marriage  But never slaughtered any But I Know they stink and You do Not wanna pet an Older Billy or let him Rub On Ya they smell Foul
nothing like bbq goat if cook rite, very lean and tasty. billy's will have pee all over them, also a wether goat will pee on himself, when dressing them this is easy to get on the meat. we process our own and have had a few that when skinnig we have gotten pee on the meat and when we cooked it was not fit to eat had to discard the meat to the dogs. cut your chops 1 inch or more for some good eating and if you into making fresh sausage goat sausage is hard to beat, also try you some goat burger add a little beef suet in it when grinding. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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