My Pork Loin Process

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May 21, 2007
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I was asked to detail my pork loin cooking process so here goes.....

Loin has been marinading in apple juice and a couple tablespoons of rub overninght...

Next I cover it in mustard and roll it through a dry rub dredge....

Here we are all covered on the rub and sitting next to a couple nice Fattys...

Here is a picture of Everything I am smoking today in the smoker....

That big lump below is a stuffed meatloaf that I will detail later.....

9:00am and looking to be pulling tonight at around 7pm - 9pm...

Temp at the Loin is 225 and down by the Chicken it's 250....Wood is Mesquite....
Great looking feast you got there watery eyes, what internal temp are gonna pull out that tenderloin on?. I pull mine around 150-155 and have never had one come out dry.
That is looking so good, I had to check where you hailed from again to see if it was within driving distance!

Nothing makes you feel quite as good as a full smoker of great food! Yummm!

I shoot for 165 to make sure I get past temp plateau and then foil to 205. After that I cooler it for 2 hours and then let the wife get down to pulling.
This will be our meat for the week.....I may grill once, but it's not very likely. Having the meat done makes it easier to handle the heat in the kitchen on the really hot days.
1:00pm....Just reached plateau temp on the loin.

Pulled the Fatty's at around 11:30am.....and the cracked on top - not sure why - but ended up finishing it in the oven inside. I did have raw veggies inside and did not add any pork with the ground beef.

Also added the Wicked Beans at 11:30.....gotta have the beans!

At 12:30 we pulled some of the smaller pieces of chicken and had them for Lunch....yum - yum!!!

Figure to be on plateau for at least 2 hours......good thing the US Open is on!!!
Just pulled the chicken.....

Snacked on the legs and thighs earlier as mentioned and will strip these down once they cool. Only spices on these are Garlic Powder, Onion Powder and Cracked Pepper with spritz every 30 minutes.
With the added heat today 83/Real Feel 91, I took off from plateau early and foiled with about 4 ounces apple juice at 2:30. Temp is rising already.
Pulled the Loin at 4:00pm with a temp of 205. Total of 7 hours in the smoker.

Also pulled off the Wicked Beans and shut down the GOSM for the day.

Two hours in the cooler and we will be ready to pull....more pictures then.
Well.....the wife had to step out and make a stop at our daughters Mary Kay party - so the pull didn't get done until 8:00pm.

Here is a picture of the Loin from the cooler....

Here is a pic of the initial pull.....check out the nice smoke ring!!!

Here is a pic of the wife getting into the pull....and finally one of the finished product..

Doing pulled pork, be it from a Shoulder, Butt or Loin is really pretty easy once you understand what the benchmarks are that you are looking for time and temperature wise. A digital thermometer with probe is ESSENTIAL and will make your work very easy. I also believe it is beneficial to spray with your favorite spritz every 30 minutes to ensure good moisture.

I personally think the hardest part is figuring out which finishing sauce you want to use and in keeping others from devouring your hard work....

Get Busy...!!!

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