My newest toys

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Dec 14, 2006
Everett Washington
well ups gave me a present on my doorstep today, new 5 lb vertical here is a pic of my 2 newest toys.....
My husband finds it amazing that there are some days that brown truck or the fedex truck don't find it necessary to stop at our house!! I was actually just on the net looking at some different stuffers. I was looking at the 8lb "horizontal" one. Let me know what you think of the vertical one...
Between those two toys and some pork butt, that ought to keep you out of trouble for a little while!! Let us know how the stuffer works for you!
it's a LEM #8, but actually it's made by mescko (a polish company) and it's powerful!!! it's been used, and is getting ready to be used again!!!!!

I also actually bought it to replace my old krups #5 that is no longer made and is hell to find parts for!!!!!
Smoked -

That's the same one as mine! Maybe they still have a few with the nylon gears. You'll love it - so easy to use and easy to clean. Nice grinder!

Tom -
See the nylon gears? Mabe you should order it online and get the nylon? Maybe the ones in your store are a newer model or something?

well the stuffer might be used tomorrow, the grinder got fired up and made some more of debi's pepperoni, hopefully this time I got it right.....hopefully.....then not being enough I had to go ahead and because debi was on my mind....well make some more another batch of mozzaralla got made.....hopefully that turned out also......but damn it burns your hands in the last part of the process........good thing for cold beer bottles!!!!!

little lady say's hi to all, she is off doing her sewing hobby I won't do!!!!!
Smoked -

Just before you knead the cheese put you hands in really cold water or wrap it around a really cold beer bottle it helps. And when it burns you can stop. Or just say "ouch, ooch, ouch dang!"

I don't have the patience for sewing. That's something I do only when it can not be avoided any longer!

Hopefully I added enough instructions this time!
I usually say "You mean I didn't tell you? Remember that website I showed you? Yeah that's the one!" By now they should know when I show a website the product is already on the way!

cool, one word...I ordered mine from LEM as a refurb and it was only 50 some bucks that way, I also noticed on the weston supply site that they had some of these units refurb going for....gasp....27 bucks....... this grinder is really nice for being just a #8, granted on the first run for one reason or another I broke the knife, it shattered into 3 pieces...but LEM, even though it was a refurb, sent me a replacement at no cost......
he he he...well honestly I was thinking of maybe silicone gloves!!!!!! btw when you see my post on the cheese site you will see the problems I had with this batch......
i dont have one yet...
maybe someone can advise me..
im thinking of getting a cheapo electric grinder...
300 watt range for 25 bucks + tax.

its job will be to stuff sausage with meat i have ground on my other grinders..
so hopefully i wont burn up the motor.

on my present toys..
cranking and stuffing by myself is getting to be a p i t a...
will this electric one let me do this easier ???

does anyone think it will work???
or should i pony up for a grizzly 5 lb vert stuffer with shipping about $80..

or is this another one of my ZOOMERS???
Hice Toys.....looking forward to seeing some of the finish product and some tips !!! good luck.....

GOFISH , my wife is like your`s i have to go easy on the surprise`s a little here, a little there keep the cash flow @ a even pace ?? She say`s my toy`s are always big & $$$..... i don`t know what she means i get them in the house ....well most of them !!! lol ok take care charlie
Larry if stuffer has holes in the base to screw down on something. If you screw it onto a board it's pretty easy to do alone. I stuff my sausages over the sink and the biggest problem I have is the way my kitchen is set up I have to crank it left handed (I am right handed) and backwards (pull toward me instead of pushing away), but it's still pretty easy.

I've been eyeballing this little motor for a slicer that might fit nicely on the shaft of the stuffer. It goes really slow so it might work wel with a foot switch.
well I got to use the new stuffer tonight, 5 lbs of debi's pepperoni that thing made life EASY.....I don't know how I've lived without the dang thing!!!!!

only question I have, and debi probably can answer how to finish off getting the last bit of meat to come out of the unit, I ended up just digging it out and hand stuffing the last bit.....but there must be a trick that I don't know!!!
Smoked,that last little bit is always a problem.I do as you did just dig it out,form a small loaf.I take it in to the oven and cook it so Ill have something to snack on while Im smoking the rest.Mine doesnt leave much,maybe a 1/2 lb. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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