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Oct 27, 2005
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I have been working on this off and on for a few days:
Let me know your thoughts. It is pretty simple but I think it is adequate. Did I mention that I have no idea what I am doing?
Looks great. But I ain't sure about this goat thing. Never had no goat.
Goat is the most widely consumed meat in the world. It is healthy as it is lean and cooked low and slow is a very tasty meat.
I have heard that before...just never ate goat. (Don't think I have). May have to try it.
I know this about them. They are great weed eaters. My wife had some pygmy goats and she'd tied them to the fence and move them down the row as needed. But they got some kind of virus, got stiff legged, fell over and died. Well they didn't die until I shot them, but I can't watch anything suffer. And I won't let my kids watch anything suffer.
I've heard goat meat is good, but I've never tried it. With the influx of migrant workers to the Ozarks, the goat market has become a big thing here. One woman we go to Church with raises them. She breeds them and when they reach about 4 months of age, she takes them to the livestock auction and gets 80 bucks a piece for them. That's not bad for something that virtually raises itself, on weeds no less. But they do eat everthing. In the winter, she'd put straw down for bedding, and feed them good grass hay. They'd eat he straw and bed in the hay. Then they ate their house. So I fixed them. I came up with a 1000 gallon square water tank and cut a door into it. They couldn't eat that and the wind didn't blow it away.
Hello Goat -

I like were your site is going. I have a Cheese forum and most of my members raise goats. I'll pass on the link.

Just a little note on the wallpapers ... It makes it really hard to read if you have alot of distracting wallapers. I for one am dyslexic so a few of the pages make me dizzy trying to read them. I'm ancious to see what's next.
I think your site shows promise. Personally, the way some of the pictures overlapped was distracting to me. The backgrounds also were a tad overboard and detracted from the various pictures. My monitor is in 1600X1200 resolution, so perhaps that caused the pictures not to line up properly.

Sounds like you have a good thing going though. I can imagine hanging out with your crew around a pit feeding a crowd.

As for goat, it is good stuff. My dad worked for an oil company overseas in Saudi Arabia, so I grew up in the Kingdom. We were invited to a number of traditional Arab "kupsas". These were goat roasts with the goat served whole on a massive bed of almond rice covering a large cloth on the floor. The men all sat around the goat and balled up hunks of meat and rice and popped them into their mouths. Good stuff and a cultural treasure that I will always remember.

Puff is big enough to hang a whole goat... Maybe I need to find some recipes and invite some friends over!
I have made some modifications and hope that they are for the better. I am computer illiterate and have never attempted this before.
That be the whole thing. True cabritos are goats that are about 2 months old and have never had anything but mothers milk. We do not see those here unless someone is raising for a specialty market somewhere.
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