My New Venture Awaits

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Dec 25, 2010
Rineyville, KY
Im going to be building small brooder/cage.


Quail. Going to get 12
That's some good eating right there . I used to help train GSP . Yearly trip to Iowa .
Quail and Pheasant running down the road .

You're gonna need a live stock minded breed to watch the place .
When I was a Yonker at home on parents chick farm I would go out to the creek and shoot bob white. I may find some bob's online to raise.

Not many quail out here.
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Im going to be building small brooder/cage.


Quail. Going to get 12
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12 makes a great meal for the family.
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Not many quail out here.
Some of that is from habitat clearing . We saw a few down at the farm I deer hunted at . Went to a seminar at the COOP put on by Mo. Conservation . We did about 30 feet of fence row thicket , and in 2 years had a nice covey . Damn Coyotes are so thick though .
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