My new Basset hound

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He is such a cutie!!! Did he grow into those ears and paws??
since he barks so much i named him scooby, plus im a scooby doo fan
most of his younger days were flat on his face from tripping on his ears

and hies full of personality to say the least, hies ornery as heck, i dont have a shoe with out a tooth mark on them, ill be working on something and hell run off with all my tools, hell get right in the way to see what im doing
Whats a pup, with out a few teeth marks in everything!

My kids have been pestering me for a puppy ........... I just keep putting the off! I'm sure it'll happen sooner than later!
My old man used to have one of those. He swore he would never get a dog. Sooner than later, we were going out to Wendy's to buy him plain cheeseburgers!
Got 5 dogs and 4 cats myself. The wife and I are trying to add some 2 legged critters to the pack. Good looking pup!
How freakin cute is he!!! I lost a choc lab a number of years back and was researching getting another dog. I was between a bull dog (Marine thing) and a bassett. Well neighter happened as I decided to hold off until I can get hubby to be more accepting.

I just wanted to make sure that we have enough time to spend with it, We both work full time, we have 13 year old carnivore who seems to be sudier than us!! (The good stuff though, fishing, hunting, running around outdoors) So at this time I don't think we would have enough puppy training time to be fair to a dog....But when I see one or smell that puppy breath I'm hooked again!!
A basset hound might not be your best choice, they need alot of attention.
aww man don't make me get awl sentimental- my mom got me that same dawg( had a perfect arrow feather end marking on the forehead)tricolor namd her crissy when i was 2- had that girl until i was 17.... the best dawgs..
Same boat here. Had to put down my 15 1/2 yr golden retreiver 2 yrs ago,
and boy do I want another one ssssoooooooooo bad! But I'm gone about 12 days a month. Not fair to a puppy. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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