my new ABT rack

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Nov 21, 2006
Waco, TX
i made a new rack to smoke ABTs at work last week. here it is, two pics. one from the top, and one from the side. it is 12" x 8" and it has 35 1" holes punched in it. i made it from some 1/8" steel plate. i used 3/4" steel tubing for the leg assy. wire-feed welded it all together.

i think it will work better than my first attempt at an ABT rack. the first one, i took the food rack out of an old retired LP grill, and welded it to a frame i built out of angle iron. then i cut out every other rod. it held about 40 ABTs, but you had to have 5 next to each other, or they would fall over.
Great job Chris, looks very well made and sturdy
........So, are you taking orders yet?????
thanks all. if i had a welder at home, and the rest of the stuff to make them, i would make and sell them.
Nice..Very nice..The one I bought off Amazon is ok, but I have to build a tin foil collar around it so the ABT's don't fall over or I have to get skinier peppers...
i put 10 ABTs i made from some TAM mild jalapenos my little bro grew in his garden in it. in the smoker right this minute, in fact. i put a slice of pepperoni in each, along with some colby-jack cheese. works great. all the peppers fit perfectly. i placed them so the toothpicks are between the holes. i did eat one pepper earlier, tasted very good. just a tad bit heat to it. i placed them in the smoker at 2130, along with the meatloaf and the two small butts. using mesquite, pecan, and a little silver maple; smells wonderful. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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