My name's Jason, and I'm a smoke-a-holic

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Original poster
Nov 24, 2006
Central Valley, Calif.
Hi everybody! I'm 25 years old, from Clovis Cal, and I just joined today. I have had alot of smoked meats in my life time, but they have always been smoked by other people like my dad, in-laws, and friends. I'm ready to start doing it myself, and i've been told by my wife NOT to buy a smoker because SANTA already has one one his list.

I recently started a diet, and I found that flavorful smoked meats are a great cornerstone for this diet. I have a charcol weber grill (26'' i think), and I've heard its possible to use these for smoking. Any advise? Thanks for your help in advance 8)
Welcome to SMF Jason!!! Some of the best ribs I've had were smoked on a Weber by a friend of mine. The most common way is to build your fire on one side, position the meat to be smoked on the other side, then use your vents to help control heat. Trial and error will help you adjust the size of fire you need for what your smoking and vent position.

I believe Weber also has a couple options to partition the coals in the bottom but if you've got Santa on a smoker you can surely make due with the above methods for a month. ;)

Welcome once again, post often and have fun!!!
Thanks for the tips! Just curious, should I start out with charcol and add chips directly to the coals? any other ways to do it? should I use a water pan? My friend was telling me something about using a coffee can in a standard bbq grill for some killer smoked meat? ever heard of the coffee can method? Thanks again! -Jason
You can add your chips right to your coals or use a can/smoker box. The coffee can tip your friend is telling you about works. I have heard it can just be stood up upright and have also heard of drilling holes all around the exterior and then lying it on the coals. I have no experience because I just put them on the fire.

As for the water pan I'm not sure what would be best for you. I think it would depend alot on how you set it up and what you smoke. I seldom ever use a waterpan except in my GOSM where it is designed to be there.

Jason, not to be rude, but the powers that be get fussy when we answer to many questions in the Roll Call section. Go through the forum sections and find the section that best fits your questions and post them there. They will get better exposure there as well.

Good luck and keep us posted!
Hey, Chad!! What do you mean "The powers that be get fussy. . . ?" :P

I don't have a problem with seeing answers to a persons question in their "Roll Call" post. If the post gets overly long with questions, I'll split the questions off and send them to General Discussion or whichever forum the question relates to. Same with the questions that get asked
in "Roll Call" as a separate post (mostly by newbies that haven't learned to navigate the forums yet) . If I find them, I'll kick them over to the appropriate forum. No harm, no foul.

You are correct though; questions should be asked in the appropriate forums.
Hello Jason and welcome to the SMF! I too have recently started a new diet. It includes the addition of SMOKED MEAT!!! The weber should work like ultramag said while you're looking forward to X-mas. Good luck and enjoy.

Man you can't slip nuthin' by Dutch. I chuckled when I wrote that, but couldn't think of much better way to explain it. I was just trying to save ya a little moving and keep yours truly outta hot water.
Welcome aboard, Jason!

Webers turn out great 'Q. Unfortunately to do it right, it requires alot of unneccesary work if you had a true smoker.

Dutch, I appreciate your assistance in helping me split some of these threads. It's been pretty hectic with my Dad.

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