My little Charcoal Smoker

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Aug 17, 2007
mishawaka In.
This is my little charcoal smoker picked it up a Meijers today for around 40 bucks the pictures are of it being burnt in, its first smoke once I got the charcoal going ,bought a charcoal chimney but didnt haver paper to use it. the coals got going real good just had to try it out when I got home
Hope to smoke some ribs on it when I figure it out.
Good Luck and Good Smoking




Well, if u can explain to me how you would smoke low n slow over DIRECT heat, i will agree with ya!! Guess you could put the coals on 1 side and maybe 3 riblets on the other
That would make a good fire box for a home built horizontal smoker...kinda cute as a grill. It's like a chihuahua sized grill

The one on the right is Hank (think regular smoker)...the one on the left is Pedro (Red brinks new smoker/grill)
I am in agreemennt with BBQ Bubba. It is definitely a small grill. There is no smoke stack on it to regulate the fire or intake holes to control the heat or fire. This a tailgater that you throw some hotdogs and hamburgers on and they are finished in about 10 minutes.Nothing wrong with that at all, but not good as a smoker. Lots of mods would have to be performed to make it a smoker and even them not much food being cooked on it.
In agreement w/ bbq bubba. Small grill. But I got some news.....Saw Wally World has ECBs for $29. Redbrinkman should look into it.
Thanks for the info I was mislead by the box,see pic below I am new to all of this and I have a Electric brinkman that i thought was a smoker but it doesnt have a stack or heat control so is that an electric grill also just confused I guess. good thing I saved the box so I cant take it back to the store it does have btm and top vents and I do get smoke thru it when the coals are hot and wood chips are on, but there isnt much room for the meat. Thanks again
Good luck and Good Smoking

Hey Red you can still smoke on that! You will have to control heat by limiting your fuel just like doing a cold smoke. I think it's cute and you can do it! You could add a stack if you want to and maybe a few vents but I think it'll work.

I use a kind of sideways minion method for cold smokes that works find with the meat up close. Keep a bit of distance on your coals that's all. Takes a bit of patience and attention but you can do it if you want to!
notice small letters smoker large letters GRILL. but as Debbie says it can be done.

good luck with the new toy.
First of all let me just say thank you to the people that has given me good response, being new to this forum this is the first time I have felt bad about posting I know I am a newbie and the new person does get pick on some, some of the responses could have been worded better.I was going to take it back but since it seemed to be a joke even though I didnt know better being new to this forum,but instead I got inspired to make somthing positive out of it as my tag line say's "It doesnt matter what happens to you in life,It's how you react to it that matters
"Thats says it all to me.So I have been busy and I am making my little grill into a smoker.
see pics below.Its going to be great to smoke a couple of porks chops for a romatic dinner for my wife on our six years of marriage
Good Luck and Good Smoking


The fire box opens on the end it's a lid that just presses on, I am going to use these charcoal bricks I found at Gander mountain and place them on a rack inside the fire box they are circular in shape with holes in them once they are lit they glow red and give off good Heat I used them in another smnoke see pic below Thanks to all
Good luck and Good Smoking

Ok here is what it is going to look like when it is finished the stack is made out of pop cans and is only for looks. Will get to Menards soon for real pipe to make it out of.Thanks
Good Luck and Good Smoking



Hey, I'm new here too and just like every other forum I've ever been on there are always some insensitive people but there are also alot of good ones too, I've noticed from lurking here that DJ Debi is at the top of the good ones list! So I'm glad that a few didn't discourage you and you came out on top! Good luck to you with your smoker! Sammy.
Well I'll be damn, now you got a smoker.
Sorry buddy, wasn't trying to be insensitive, just pointing out the facts, look forward to seeing it in action
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