My handmade mash paddle

Discussion in 'Beer & Ale' started by zepicurean, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Thought you guys might enjoy seeing this. It's hard maple treated with Tung oil. I made it all with a jig saw. 
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    The image was not available.  How do you like your paddle so far?  I habe been thinking about building one, but have not really had the need until I started making 10 gallon batches of a high gravity ale.  That thick full mash gets harder to stir then and bends plastic brewing spoons easily.
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    well I cant see the picture, but whats a mash paddle?
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    I can't get the image to open either but Kaiser...the one in your pic is niiiiice!  [​IMG]  I need one of those!
  6. That's my paddle! How did you get the picture to post! Thank you!

    Glad you like it Cowgirl!
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    You did a nice job on it!  Looks great! [​IMG]

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    Now you won't get very far with that paddle chef. Oh you said a mash paddle is that for the kids?? Just kidding you did one fine job chef.
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  10. Thanks MBalli, when I designed it, I wanted something different, so I made the 2-row barley design with a paper template that I traced on. I bought the jig-saw specifically for making the paddle. This was my first ever paddle, and I had very little wood working experience, so I think it's easy enough for anyone to do, should you find a need. 

    I usually do 5 gallon batches, and I love having a paddle to stir the mash especially for big beers with a malt bill greater than 10 lbs. The Tung Oil finish is really holding up well after almost 2 years of use. 
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    And, I thought it was for mashed potatos!!!
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    A mash paddle, to answer your question, is a stirring paddle that mixes barley grains that have been crushed to ensure that there are no dough balls and gets everything to a nice even temperature so that the starches in the grain can convert into sugars which then can be drained from the mash tank, boiled and fermented into beer.
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    Sorry for the longest run-on sentence ever...

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