My first ribs, not too bad....

Discussion in 'Pork' started by haglered, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. haglered

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    Last weekend I thought I would not have anything to smoke this weekend, then a neighbor gave me a chuck roast. Hooray... I have something I can smoke. Then We got some money and went to Sam's We bought a pack of ribs and other things including hot dogs....

    I had never every even thought about cooking a slab of ribs until I got this smoker.

    I did not have a rub or recipe for one. I did not have a mop, or recipe for one. I did have some store bought bar-b-que sauce that we like (Bullseye original)

    The smokeless saturday turned into a marathon. First I did the Chcuk roast and then just for fun I threw on some hot dogs. I did not want to start the ribs until we got back from the haircut appointment we both had that afternoon.

    The night before I browsed the web then concocted what I call rib rub 1. This a combination of pepper, garlic powder, brown sugar, paprika, salt, onion powder, mustard powder and chili powder. We rubbed this on and let sit in the ice box all night.

    I used a mop of Apple cider vinegar, canola oil and bullseye sauce.

    I put the ribs on the smoker at 4:45 PM and after an inital period that reached 350 for less than 15 minutes, I smoked it at 200 Until 9:25. The ribs were not done yet. I put them back on at 9:50 and continued until 11:20 PM, I then pulled them inside and put them in a 250 oven wrapped in foil. They were finished at midnight. We had them for lunch and were very pleased.

    The smoker is now cleaned and the roast and ribs are just memories, good ones....
  2. richtee

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    Wow...first run eh? Hmmm..I sense a ringer here folks ;{)
  3. flash

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    And a good 7 + hours for ribs too. I think you are right rich [​IMG]
  4. ronp

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    Nice. [​IMG]
  5. seboke

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    Lookin good haglered! Real good!!![​IMG]
  6. haglered

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    I have been a griller up till now, never smoked anything (intentionaly) until last weekend's Brisket. I have been reading a lot on these forums, other websites and watching some TV about it (primal grill, Barbeque America, etc.)

    Thank's for the compliments, all of you....
  7. smoking gun

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    I like pulled pork, brisket, tenderloin, smoked chicken and turkey, but my favorite by far is ribs. Those look great. Nice work. [​IMG]

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