My first rack of BB's ever smoked

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I have them w/hickory. 1 chunk for about 3 hrs. Went from thin blue smoke to no smoke but I can still smell the hickory burning so I think I'm still good.
They look good enough to eat.
They tasted pretty good, but, the next time I smoke I will not put another chunk on once the first one smolders away. I think It might have a layer of creosote or something on the ribs. Is this possible if smoked throughout the whole 5 hrs? very light to almost no smoke though. Thin blue, baby!
If they tasted pretty good, then you didn't have a creosote problem.
What wood did you use?
Perhaps a little more wood may have helped.
If you had pink all the way to the bone ... you had a very good smoke ring.
i hate to tell you this but if those were your first ribs..... then you are a natural! only draw back of gaining that title is now you have to cook for all of us! great job on those ribs, they have me on my way to the store right now
Thanks everyone! I guess I won't change a thing then, except get a Weber rib rack so I can fit more in the kettle. I'm going camping this upcoming weekend and I'm gonna do some more ribs and also some ABT's for the first time and maybe a Fatty. Next summer I'll be buying a smoker. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.