My first pork shoulder

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Hey whataya know it worked
Sometimes I even amaze myself.
this calls for a little libation LOL 8)
after the pic was taken I skinned it out and put it back in the smoker
Make mine a single malt, highland preferred, perhaps a Dalwhinney! Excellent job, Chris! Now I have to ask you.. is that your smiling face in the pic titled. "Sausage Time"? If that is really you that smile tells me you are either having too much fun or you are up to something! Either way congrats on a great effort! And thanks for sharing!
Yes that mug belongs to me and make mine a Glennfidech.... hope thats spelled right or i will have to go to the liquor cabinet and check the label and you know what that means LOL'
The smile was because my wife came home during cleanup and was callin my sausage makin buddie some names cause he was doin the dishes.... I will leave the ensuing verbage to your imagination HAHAHAHA
The spelling is NOT correct. So, my friend, I strongly suggest that you get thee to the venerable place of "Honour" and get busy on your homework assignment. Must I tell you what that is? And I will make you do it over and again till you have it correct! Your wife may disagree but this is in your best interest! Honest!
Glad you came to our virtual "family". I can tell we're going to have a lot of fun and get a belly full of good stuff, too!
Nice job on the shoulder Chris! What wood did you use for the smoke?
Good morning Earl et all.
I used Hickory on it .
12 hours and 45 min in the smoker, I had to turn it up a notch for the last hour.
I did pull it out and cut away the skin and most of the fat when I took the pick.....I'm not big on all that fat oozing onto a plate :? It went back in and I basted it with some brown sugar and Jack that I reduced on the stove.
I just finish breakfast......double cut fries and some Massale' sausage with a side of Shoulder and a dolip of some chipotle ketchup that I made from a recipe off the net.
I think I can go to work now.... after a nap of course.

Oh Yeh:
SRMonty. I did my homework assignment....GLENFIDDICH :lol:
If your ever in Oshawa you can check it yourself :)
Hey Gremlin, Nice looking shoulder you got there. What time's dinner? Looks like I'll be smoking again this weekend for Farthers day.. The kids are comming over and I get sit, smoke and with any luck get handed a cool frosty one <or several> .. I take it that you used rub and didn't brine.. Ya know, I live very close to Boston and you would think I'd be able to find some butt here .. butt nooo.. I can get a shoulder anytime .. I'll have to work harder on getting some butt.

Hey Joe hows it goin
To answer you question .....No I didn't use a rub ,I brined it for 24 hours but I didn't like the taste that the brine left on the meat.
I had to use a brown sugar and Jack reduction on the meat after I cut off the fat and the skin. I did that right after I took the pick.
the brine was in my humble opinion too salty and had a half a cup of ground black pepper init that I couldnt even get a hint of in the final product.
So that's why I used a reduction baste in the end.
I was thinking the meat had somehow gone off..
I won't be using that brine mix again. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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