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My first pork loin, fatty, and baked beans meal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kennymn, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. kennymn

    kennymn Meat Mopper

    I,ve been planning this day for months and today I'm going to do it. I smoked many meat loafs this summer to get some knowledge of smoking techniques and it has gone ok. So today I'm smoking my FIRST pork loin 4.5 pounds with Jeff's rib rub and Dutch's mahogany sauce and Dutch's baked beans and a fatty with Jeff's rub. I'm using cherry wood and planned on a temp around 240-250 for 3 hrs. with internal temp at 160 for everything.
    That's plan ( A ) if all goes good, Plan ( B ) is if it all fails to finish off the whiskey left from the beans.
    Can't take any pic's daughter took camera to college.
  2. kennymn

    kennymn Meat Mopper

    the whiskey was not in the beans it was in mahogany sauce
  3. make sure you don’t get sauced off the whiskey before the sauce is sauce! :roll: [​IMG]