My First Cheese (cold-smoked) Qview

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Sep 12, 2009
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I've been wanting to try smoking cheese for a long time:

I finally have the means for a good cold-smoke! There is no way to get my MES to smoke below 90*. I had bought a "Big Kahuna" Smoke Daddy, but I guess I'm not smart enough to operate it. I tried everything, and all I could get was either too much smoke, or I would have to be constantly tapping it or jabbing it with a big screwdriver to get the dust, chips, chunks, and/or pellets to drop down through the lump of gooey black tar in the bottom of the chamber. You can't fix stupid (ME), so I just figured it was my fault, and quit using it.

Then I had the opportunity to test drive another smoke generator. Now I found out I either wasn't so dumb, or any idiot can use this "A-MAZE-N-SMOKER". I just loaded it up according to the simple directions, and put it in my MES. I checked it very often, because of my experience with my Smoke Daddy. As it turned out, with the exception of turning the pieces of cheese over at the 2 hour mark, I had no reason to go near my smoker for the full 4 hours. It just sits there smoldering nicely without any hands on. I used just about half of the dust I put into the "MAZE", which means I could get 8 hours of steady light sweet smoke with one load of dust. With opening & closing the door every now & then to check, the temps in my MES ran between 66* and 76* the whole time. With the door closed for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, it never got above 76*, with an outside ambient temp of 49* to 55*.

Here are the Victims for the day. Instead of having to list them, you can see the packages. The one on the plate is 1/3 of the "Colby Jack". Another third is in the jar of hot pepper juice, and the other third is in the pickle juice (I'll try anything once). They were in for an overnight soak:

Here they all are sitting out, getting ready for the smoker. The pink pieces of Mozzarella were soaking in a jar with my pickled eggs (see I told you I'll try anything once):

Don't know if you can see the light smoke coming out of my vent:

This is after one hour of smoke:

This is after 1 1/2 hours of light smoke:

Here is the "A-MAZE-N-SMOKER" after a nice light steady 3 hours of smoking:

After 4 hours, I pulled the cheese out. I used 2 1/2 rows from the "MAZE". I scooped the rest of the dust out for a future smoke:

Here is all of my completed Smoked Cheeses. As you can see, one of the sticks is missing. I had to try something!!! It tasted pretty good already, but everybody says to give it a nap for two weeks, so that's what I'm doing:

Now they are vacuum packed & I put them to bed in the fridge for their two week nap:

See you in two weeks, and thanks for lookin',

EDIT: Link to "Cheese Tasting Party":
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Man that looks great there Bear. I just have to smoke some before to long. Now the only bad thing is the wait for it to cure. But I bet it will be good.
I also tried some mozzsticks after my smoke and it did taste pretty good already...not at all like smokin with the hot plate and chips.
this a-maze-n smoker gives me a good feeling.
Great go for your first try.
Especially the marinated cheeses, you're gonna love them.
Now those pink pickled mozz sticks, I don't know what to say about that except that it was an awesome idea and looks really neat
Thanks FIU,
But I owe it all to that sweet little smoke generator. It really is A-MAZE-N.

I thought I was going to get harassed about my "Pink" mozzarella sticks, but like I said, I'll try darn near anything once.

BC! Right on, brother! You jumped in with both feet
, and I know you will like all of them, and you've got enough there to last you for a while!

Giving you
for the pickled cheese and can't wait for the report!

I don't know why I never thought of sticks... that will definitely be on the menu for hunting season this fall.

...two weeks... can't wait!
That one I pulled out (mozzarella stick) was real good already. It should really be good after 2 weeks! Only 13 days to go.

Yup, I didn't want you guys to leave Ole Bearcarver behind !

Thanks Tracey,
Thanks, BC...I PMed TJohnson. Please explain the "gettin in trouble" thing...

Was it cuz the cigs you were makin weren't of the tobacki nature, but more of a hemp nature?

I spent two tours in Iraq (not comparing your situation at all) and we made our own hooch from chow hall grape juice...pretty darn good considering that we weren't supposed to have any alcohol at all!

LOL---Actually I didn't do any myself. I tasted it in a class when I first got there (so we would recognize it), and I didn't like it, so I stuck to Marlboro & Beer.
But it was all around me---It grew wild all over the place---So many smoked the funny stuff, it was in the air.

I wonder if one could cold-smoke cheese with "the amazin" in an MES in Florida with an ambient temperature of 90 degrees. Any takers?
Very nice! I smoked my last cheese for a few months a couple weeks back. Gonna have to try and make it last. :(
Probably not a problem, with some ice in the water pan.
The MES is insulated pretty good from the outside air, and the ice should make up for the small amount of heat the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER puts out.

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