My first build and proud as can be!!!!!!!!!

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ken urton

Original poster


Custom built smoker trailor, one of a kind. Hand built by me.  All new material, fire box is 3/8" steel 22" x 22" x 22" w/18"x20" removable grating for grilling or top loading your wood (I think its much easer this way).when grilling the top lid fully open makes for a extra shelf, unique fully adjustable air intake on firebox door, and 3/4" steel wood rack for longlife w/charcoal grate that is removable, also makes for easy ash clean out.The main chamber is 1/4" steel 23" x 48" w/2 - 22" x 22" slideout food trays for easy loading & unloading, 3 - 1/4" tuning plates that cover the entire bottom to minimize hot spots. A single door with counter weight for easy opening, In the front you have a 14" x 40" stainless steel removable shelf (for cleaning) after removing the s.s. shelf their is a 12" x 36" grating which is also removable, a 2.5 temp guage and a 6" fully adj. smokestack w/rainguard topsoff the mainchamber. Under your front shelf is a storage area 14"deep x 40"wide x 5"high (enough space to store enough wood for one good cook) Your upright box is 3/16" steel 46" tall x 22" wide x 24" deep w/5- 23' x 19" sliding food racks, a 2" drain for cleaning, also w/2.5 temp guage on the front of a 3/16" thick diamond plate door w/stainless steel handle, again a 6" adj. smokestack w/rainguard tops off the upright box for temp control. The trailor is made of 2" x 2" x 1/4" steel tubing, a 20" deep x 70" long x 12" high storage area for all your gear, front deck is 3/8" thick steel diamond plate. 2" coupler,safty chains w/hooks, expanded metal floors, new 15" tires & wheels all ele.wireing on the trailor is run through 1/2" sch 40 pipe welded under the trailor for long life! (no zip ties). 3500 lb. axel, smoker weight is 1920 lbs.empty and is regesterd at 3400 lbs. so you can add 1480 lbs. wood,food,and gear and still be legal on the road.
This is a great looking smoker, START CLTAGS

I don't know how I missed this Ken.

That's a fantastic build!

You should be very proud!

Hay SmokinAl

    Thanks for the post, and super proud of my smoker. Been doing metal fab for 25 yrs and dont know why I did not do this sooner!! Did lots of resurch on the web and this is what I came up with.

I love smokin, and building, I think that I found my calling. And I am going for it! Going to scale it down some on the next and try to make it more afordable fo us workin folk, and try to start selling them. Not many places around here to buy a good quality smoker.
Hay randya

     Thanks for the post, and im glad you like it enough to buy plans for it (maybe I should), but I built this off the cuff, no plans, just started workin on it and this is what I wound up with!

But if you really like it that much I can tell you what I did so you can build one of your own! I am going to start on a smaller version of this one soon. but lots of the parts I fabed at my work, so if you dont have access to a metal shop you might have to improvise on some of the parts!

                                                                                                                                                                                                  THANKS AGAIN

Very nice!!!!!  I was at a 60th birthday party the other day and they had a caterer come and do chicken pieces and beef tenderloin on s similar smoker.  The guy said he quit his job and took all his cash and invested in the business.   Said he has been doing great business wise and got me thinkin..........What a great job!  Just need me a smoker like this one!!!!!!


it took some time but it paid off,  went to a flea market here in texas and sold it in 4 hrs. told my wife if i sell the smoker this weekend i am going in business for myself, did not figure it would sell that fast. Also got an order for a smaller one, and going to start on it today.
Looks like you found a great new calling for sure. Nice work is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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