My First Brisket's, Wish Me Luck!

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Smoke Blower
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OK Here goes nothing, I am working on my first brisket's to smoke tomorrow. I have them both rubbed down and soaking up the flavor of the rubs, I am using two different kinds, the smaller of the two ( 4.89# ) is rubbed down with an "Applewood Rub", and the larger of the two ( 7.79# ) is rubbed down with a "BBQ Spice w/ Sugar", both of which I purchased at a local spice shop here in Independence MO, called Antoine's it is near 23rd and Crysler, they have a web site and do ship, they have a link it is , you should check em out they have some of the best spices and they are always fresh, "NO I don't work there" LOL

OK, I give up, how do you put the photos on here???????, please help me!
I have always seen Antoine's, They are right down the street from my wifes furniture store. Didnt know they sold spices!! Will have to check them out...Good luck on the smoke tomorrow!

You have to use an image resizing program such as paint shop or photoshop. Otherwise you have to use an image hosting site. There are a few threads that list them...

Good smoke to ya!
Here they are, thanks for the help guys.
Great lookin briskets... Just finished cleaning up and slicing 3 briskets, a pork tenderloin, and a rather large 6 lbs fattie to be used on some sort of pasta. (Thank you to who ever posted that great idea

Cant wait to see the finished product.
Franco, hope everything turns out well. I could make a meal on ABT's. Crumble up a fatty of choice and add to your stuffing, oh my their good. If you want something addictive try some pig candy sometime, wife loves it. Good luck on your smoke, got to go, headed to St. Joe to pick up some stuff to smoke for next weekend.
ok, I am well into my cooking now, I just wish I had more room to put things in the smoker, I put the baked tators n the firebox over the coal and wood, and now I need room for my beans, and ABT's, I take it the ABT's take only an hour or so to cook, but the beans need at least 2 or so, so as I pull chicken I will get my beans in there.
i smoke my ABT's for 3 hours. that is per my daughter's taste. if she is not here (at grandma's or her mother's) i smoke them for 2-2.5 hours. if i put some beans in the smoker, they go 3 hours. all at 225-240°. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.