My first Boston Butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by donsell, Jul 31, 2010.

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    I'm doing my first Boston Butt on a Weber grill and I'm having trouble regulating the temp.  It's an 8lb butt and it's been on the grill since 7:15 this am.  after 6 hours I turned it and based it.  The internal temp is 140.  Is it cooking too fast and if so, what's the downside and fix?

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    Large cuts of meat like an 8lb butt are typically done low and slow over indirect heat. Are you grilling your butt over direct heat? If so do you have any idea what your cooking chamber temp at grate level is?
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    I just did my first butt last week, coming in at 7.9 lbs.  Main thing is cooking temp.  If you dont know than invest in some thermometers cause otherwise your stuck guessing.  Though no matter how you do it, its done when its done.  I did mine at 2:30 am, as i recall sometime around the 8 o'clock hour it was around 150 i believe, it than made its way to 160, froze there for a few hours...crept up to 170 and froze some more.  I pulled it at 5pm at 193F (14+hrs!), i wanted 195-200 but we needed to eat.  Temps stayed around 220-250 the whole time. So no i dont think its going too fast, the hardest part is getting it from 160 to 190 because this is where the fat actually breaks down and until it does it will maintain temperature.

    This is assuming indirect heat, otherwise disregard everything ha!

    Good Luck and I'm sure it will turn out well!!

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