My Favorite Berries (Wine Berries)

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    I don't have any berries in my garden, but every year I get a fair crop of Wine Berries (as long as I get to them before the wild Turkeys get 'em). Wine Berries are a member of the Raspberry family, but they are a little more "tart", yet very tasty. I don't know where else they grow, but they are all over the place in Southeast PA. They seem to grow best in a snake & mosquito type habitat, and mixed in with poison ivy, poison oak, and wild multiflora roses!

    When I get time (real soon), I'm going to post a Pie Mrs. Bear makes with these, with Qview & recipe.

    Here is what they look like:

    This little patch is right along my driveway:


    These are great:


    The deeper the red, the sweeter the berry:


    Thanks for lookin',

  2. fftwarren

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    looks just like blackberries, only red
  3. bearcarver

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    Yea kinda, but smaller than a Blackberry, bigger than a wild Black Rasberry, and they have their own distinct flavor, not like a red or black Raspberry, kinda like "wine". They often grow mixed in with Black Raspberries (just more stickers to scratch you up). Around here they ripen about 3 weeks later than the Black Raspberries. They really are tasty. They seem to grow best along driveways, roads, fence lines, especially on the sides that get the morning sun. I tried transplanting some a couple times-----Complete failure!

  4. ak1

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    I know them well. Those babies grow wild up here as well. There's been many a time I've gone barging into a patch to get the goodies, and come out all scratched. But it's worth it.[​IMG]
  5. bearcarver

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    When we were kids (my older brother, sister & I), our Dad used to have us put long pants on, long sleeve shirts, and socks over our hands with the fingers cut out. Then he'd take us into the woods, and have us pick these things nearly all day long. My older brother and sister would each pick a whole bucket full. I was the youngest at that time (before my little sister was born), and I would only get about a half bucket & a belly ache ![​IMG][​IMG]

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