My family rescipe for tater salad

Discussion in 'Side Items' started by smokin' char, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. around 5 nice size potatoes cubed. I boil my taters and eggs together. Around 4 eggs. drain and smush with a smusher thing whatever its called. Add mayonaise and mustard and sweet relish and black pepper salt. and do not forget the onion. Yay! that simple. I sometimes use green onions and sometimes cube sasuage and put in it,
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    Just wondering, do you leave em unpeeled or do ya peel em??
  3. i peel them but not peeling them is an idea.
  4. desertlites

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    would that be a potato masher? sounds good-skys the limit with tater salad-(just about)
  5. tmw611

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    Sounds good, my wife does hers that way, a little sweet. Does boiling the eggs with the taters make a difference or does it save dishes?

    When she gets a lttle lazy I will take over the makings. I like mine a little sour and vinegary, is that even a word. I cube the taters skin on and leave em cubed, eggs, mayo, yellow mustard, dill relish, and red onion, and sometimes for a kick I sneak in a few diced pickled Jalapeno chips.

    Awesome thing about tater salad is it can be done so many ways and still be good. Dont care for the pure white style much though, but then again maybe I haven't had the right recipe?
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    Sounds damn good...........Got to have mustard in potato salad.....The only way to go.........
  7. DONT MASH THE TATERS!!!!!!!!!!
    then it would be like mashed potatoe salAD.. I accidenlt did that once when i cooked them too long and then i couldnt eat it. It was like a texture thing.

    It seems like the eggs peel better when you cook it at the same time but they also peel better when you dont over boil them and add salt to the water. Somehow though boiling together makes it better just trust me. It would be like a sin not to boil them and dont MASH THEM TATERS [​IMG]
  8. And No it isnt a potatoe masher its a tater masher.hehe. Now I want to know what it is really called surely it has some proper name ..I shall go look that up if i get time

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