My custom WEBER

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Original poster
Sep 17, 2006
Jaffrey N.H.
Hey all!
I finally got started on my custom smoker. I was given a half size drum. It is the perfect diameter to fit like a glove on my 22.5" Weber. It is approx 27" tall. (Its alot bigger than the Smoky Mtn. smoker and at a reasonable price) FREE!
I was at a local hardware store that carries the full line of Weber products.
I finally got a close up of the Smoky Mtn. smoker. $219.00. Its so tiny!
What is the purpose of the water tray? What size will suit my grill? I was thinking of a 13"x 9" cake pan, should I go larger?, I can get a 18"dia x 3" deep round pan that would probably do the job quite well. Can anyone give me a suggestion?
I am going to post pics of the construction start to finish. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
dale, I'm moving this down to General Discussions were it will see more traffic.

The water pan in my ECB is 10 inches around and about 3 inches deep. If the 18 dia. X 3 in. pan fits, give it a try. The purpose of the water pan is to keep the chamber temps between 220-250*.
yo dale,
my water pan catches all the drips from meat.
its from the factory .

the pan is as big as my circuler cooking grates.

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