My Children Are Mean Too Me, Please Help Me!

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
In case you all don't know I am a 42 y/o single father of two teen aged daughters, and tonight while watching "Extream Home Makeover" I got some pepper juice from my ABT's I made today in my eye, and my kids kept making fun of me, saying things like I was crying and that kind of thing, I tried to tell them that the pepper juice was burning my eyes but they still laughed at the "old crying man", can you believe that?

I mean like there should be a NATIONAL BEAT YOUR CHILDREN DAY, I say we take it up with BIG W, and see what he can do about it.

So if any of you all have mean kids at home like me, I think you will understand where I am coming from on this topic.
While I have been known to get pepper juice in my eyes during that show, I also have had two teenage daughters. Some would say chriogenics is the answer....put them in now and thaw at about 21 years old; if they are still smart mouthed, put them back for another couple of years. lol

Good Luck!!
My daughter will be 21 next month and she's living with some dirtbag that smokes something other than meat.. Dad ain't real happy with her right now.

So, cherish these times while you have them.. My mother has a saying and it's so true: "When they're young they step on your toes. When they grow up, they step on your heart"..
all my kids don't talk back to me... they don't ask for money and they don't scream in the cereal isle for the sugary cereals.....

But they do have tails, fur and claws.... did I mention my kids are cats???
I got some pepper juice from my ABT's I made today in my eye, and my kids kept making fun of me, saying things like I was crying and that kind of thing, I tried to tell them that the pepper juice was burning my eyes but they still laughed at the "old crying man", can you believe that?

I stay away from the ABT's for that very reason. But, and I'm sure somebody else out there has had this happen, I was stitch pumping a brisket over the weekend for my next batch of corned beef and those things leak like crazy when your pumping them. Well somehow I hit a tough spot and while injecting the pickle I managed to shoot a high pressure stream of salt and nitrite pickle right into my right eye! Man talk about having your eyes burn, that smarted for the better part of an hour!
Reading all this about teenagers makes me look over at my 3 year old and just sigh.
franco61365, here is an idea. Ask for a NATIONAL DON'T BEAT YOUR CHILDREN DAY which would open up every other day as free game on an as needed basis.
It sounds like the 'eye burning experiences' described here are pure accident. Mine is usually due to stupidity when I touch my eye after handling the pepper but too lazy to go to the garage for a glove. This causes my wife to laugh which causes my son to laugh.
Sorry, I just couldn't help but giggle at the "pepper spray" in your eye thing. Not laughing AT you per se, but laughing at the situation.

In my line of work, I need to be trained for what we call AT/FP (anti terrorism/force protection) and during the training courses I have to go through for this, one of the things we have to do is be able to operate under the effects of OC spray (mind you, this is NOT by choice). Anyhow, what they do is make you close your eyes and hold your arms out to your sides and they spray you with a healthy amount of this canned hell right above your eyes so as to drip into your eyes and down your face and in your ears. You count to 10 as the pain increases and open your eyes, the sensation is about that of dunking your face in a deep fat fryer after getting sand kicked in your eyes. Needless to say, it's probably the hardest thing in the world to open your eyes, but you need to, cause you need to run an obsticle course of sorts, demonstrating hand to hand fighting techniques and baton strikes effectively.

In short, I share your pain, but I do not, as of yet have children old enough to see the humor in this situation...If I did, I'd share my spray with them and ask em if they think its funny then.

By the way, the next time you get "pepper spray" in your eye, take a shot glass of milk and put it over the affected area. As milk is basic, it will neutalrize the acids in the Capsaisin thus relieving the pain in both your eye and pride.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. After you rinse with milk, cream, ice cream, or whatever, remember what happens to milk when it meets an acid. Make sure to rinse well with water or your kids are gonna be making fun of you for having a cheesy face.
I went through a similar exposure to OC (oleoresin capsicum) in the Academy... along with a room full of mace and CS gas. Again, not by choice... I don't know what kind of OC you guys use but we use the alcohol based stuff that shoots out like an aerosol... And not on the forehead, but right in yer face... Doesn't wash off easily does it?

And be careful how you shower the next day. I guarantee there's some residual stuff on yer face and when you shower... well, gravity carries the stuff in the direction of the drain... use your imagination

And although it's made from chili juice, don't put it on your meat as a rub replacement for cayenne!!! haha
Yeah, the Navy uses the same alcohol based stuff...doesn't taste half bad either
Maybe I exaggerated on the eyebrow part...thats just where I got hit. I'm short. Regardless, the pain is the worst I've ever felt in my life. The worst part is when you go to the hose/water bucket to wash off. The wonderful cool water knocked the breath outta me and I almost puked myself inside out. I don't know why it does that, but my wonderful wife brought me some milk and it was heaven. My classmates were thankful for even just the leftovers of what I didn't use.
Ouch! you can have that job! But I'm glad there are folks like you out there doing it. I'd like to add something here before all the eye doctors jump in. In my line of work we deal with a particular type of aircraft hydraulic fluid called Skydrol. If you get it on soft shin it burns like hell, sprayed in your eyes is shear agony. We used to use milk to stop the burn too, but over the years we found that the very best thing is mineral oil. The type from the pharmacy, it will kill the chemical burn in a instant.
Oleoresin capsicum (C18H27NO3) is less than 1% soluble in water. Being a resin makes it more easily soluble in hydrocarbon solvents such as petroleum solvent, alcohol, or yes, even mineral oil. It has no ph because it is oil based. In other words, it cannot be an acid, nor does it contain any acids. It merely is a chemical that iritated nerve endings. If it were an acid, the burns would remain after the chemical went away. The best way to remove it from your body is to wash thoroughly w/ soap and water, but that might be a little hard on the eyes. Next best thing is to remove contacts if present and rinse thoroughly to rinse off excess, and tough it out. The MSDS will tell you to seek medical attention, but by the time you get to a doc, you shopuld be better anyway.

Used to work for a company that manufactured a major brand name OC spray, currently own a chemical company, but don't mfg pepper spray.

I think our OC is the alcohol variety, I know it comes in oil as well. I found that washing my face with baby shampoo (no tears
) worked well to get the OC off, and then sitting facing a fan helped speed up getting over the effects. We described it as bobbing for french fries! Get it!

I've been tasered and OC'd, and I'd take tasered any day over that OC. When the taser turns off the pain stops.

I've gotten overspray from others a couple smell the alcohol smell, and about 5-10 seconds later you feel the burning sensation rapidly welling up. Ohhhh just thinking about that devils spit makes my eyes tear up.
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