My car is a thief!

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Jun 22, 2007
Brandon, Florida
Well, went to Lowes at lunch, didn't buy anything though. So, I'm on my way back to the office and I look at the floor on the passengers side and there's a Lowes bag?
So I pull over to check it out, knowing I didn't make a purchase, and there, right in front of me, was a remote digital thermometer made by Oregon Scientific!
But I don't remember buying it, so my car snuck in behind my back I might ad, and took one!
I'm soo imbarresed I can't go back and tell Lowes what happened. Well, guess who has a new toy?????? And the car, well it will be sent to the garage when we get home to think about what it did.
Oh yeah, go ahead and blame it on the poor defensless car... did you hide the receipt?
Look what I found
in my car today when I left work! Honey, I love you soo much, THANK YOU for the surprize gift!
How did you know I wanted one! You'r the greates, and THIS is a WONDERFUL GIFT YOU GOT ME........

P.S. Good luck
That car definitely needs to be punished. Perhaps a bath and force him to wash behind his door handles.

As far as that Brinkmann goes. That was from the Brinkmann Office Furniture Company, wasn't it? The Outdoorsman Colllection from the looks of it. Sell it as a business write off.
Love the Oregon Scientific thermometer! Got one as a gift! My only complaint is the fact that you have to poke a reset button on each piece to sync them up. Works great otherwise though! Fine automobile you've got there!
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm................... BIG black thing .....................
$1200. Close to 900 lbs. Ships by truck. That means a local semi will arrive and drag it off the trailer with a pallet jack, roll it up to your house, driver will need a signature. Gonna be HARD to hide. Better start fabricating that one now.
I'm going to Lowe's in the morning and I've been trying to train my car
all afternoon, no luck. Can I borrow yours.
I finally got my car trained, went to Lowe,s this morning and the car couldn't
find them. I thought it's training might be breaking down so I looked. Lowe's
in Troy Al doesn't have them. Be still my heart and try to control the dissapointment. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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