My brined turkey smoke for t-day

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sprky, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Hi all
    Just wanted to fill you all in on how my turkey came out. No Qview due to camera being on the fritz.[​IMG] Brined the turkey using the recipe that I was given following the advice that Fire IT Up gave me. Here’s a link to that post for reference
    The only turkey we could get around here was pre injected to a bought 8%. We searched every store in town and even went to a larger city looking. We were told that natural turkeys were not being stocked due to low sales; they could be ordered but would cost around $2.50 a pound OUCH if supplier had any.[​IMG]
    Brined turkey for 34 hours in 5 gal buckets lined with turkey cooking bag. Removed turkey washed and dried turkey, let it sit for a bought 30 min while I prepped smoker. Put the 2 turkeys on the new smoker I picked up at Lowes[​IMG] with apple chips in the smoke pan. Smoked turkeys for 6 hours temps were 275 – 300 range. I pulled the turkeys when breast temp was at 165. Turkeys came out great, wife told me I’d better not lose this recipe. [​IMG] These were 20 pound turkeys and they almost didn’t fit in the smoker. [​IMG] Meat was moist and not dry, except where the skin scrunched up on breast of 1 turkey never had that happen before, but it was only a bought an 1/8” of dry. I had around a ¼” pink smoke ring in the breast. Took some of the meat to work and gave it to the guy that gave me the recipe and he told me it didn’t quite taste like his, so I’m going to try the recipe as is and see what it comes out like. The birds were not salty at all, there was a very slight taste of the spices but very weak, not sure why. Might need to brine longer. My mom suggested using cranberry juice in place of the apple but I’m not sure how that would work, may try it. As always I welcome your input and suggestions.
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    Sounds like you enjoyed it.All that counts to me.....[​IMG]
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    As long as you like it that is all that matters.
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    They sound good to me. but ya better get that camera fixed cause it seems like we missed out on some good Q-view.

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