my biggest smoke ever

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ok this is the biggest smoke i have ever done. and i am doing this today, super bowl sunday 2007. i do not have a big smoker so i am working this in stages. i will be posting pics as the day goes on so you all get an idea of what i am doing

2 racks of ribs 5.4 lbs (most likly 3-2-1 method, damn i hate that membrane)
2 pork loins 9.09 lbs
4 boston butts 23.56 lbs (two are small, but cheep 1.49 per lb.)
2 chickens 9.46 lbs
7 fatties 7 lbs
1 meatloaf 2.5 lbs

total 69.49 lbs


12.28 lbs of jerky
30-40 ABTs weight unknown
4 blocks of cheese
3 ears of corn
6 whole potatoes (big ones) for a total of 12 twice smoked double stuffed potatoes
jeffs sauce (for the pulled pork im making)
ajthepoolman's corn casserole
smoked cabbage (first time)
4 lbs of smoked thick cut bacon, which i will use for the ABTs, potatoes and cabbage
and last but not least, my second first this smoke......
hard boiled eggs!!!

i am up late tonight prepping, so, this is just an assumption, i think i will sleep well tomorrow night.

this is going to be soooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

the best part is my smoker is only 19" inside diameter, 30" long and one shelf.

seeing this on paper was not a good idea


i forgot to mention smoked cheese bread (i could not find the link to thank the person for this idea, i put the bread under my grates and the cheese on the grates and let heat and smoke melt the cheese on the bread.) mmmmmmmmmmm cheese bread
Buzzard thats quite a feast you have going there, gonna keep you pretty busy. I hope you have plenty of cold beer to keep you company and I wanna see some picsssssssssss.

Next time you plan on doing a big cook and you need a bigger smoker let me know. Since your a fellow brother of the best smoking meat forum on the net. And you live close to me Ill let you use the hot rod.
Sounds like your going to be one tired puppy when you finish cooking all that :P . Good luck and remember to post those pic's.
dont tease me smith, that would be a dream of mine to work with a smoker of that calibar. after listening to others on here a while back i was going to get a big one, like one from a 250 gal propane tank, but i came into such a great deal on this one i could not pass it up. so i will use it for now then make me the one i want. no, ill make me one that will get me by unitll my welding skills are up to par, then make me the one i want.

i think i am going to make it look like the O in Ohio state, paint it scarlet and grey, and name it "my buckeye"

and yes all i will have pics. i need to learn photobucket today so i can post more. i have to keep deleting pics to make room for more or i would have all kinds of pics up.
Man Buzzard, what a spread. It looks like those that got the invite to Buzzard's for Superbowl '07 are very lucky indeed. Let us know when you've got more pics, can't wait to see all this finished.
ultra, i wish people would show up when i invite them, but no one ever does so i quit asking. this is all for me. ill vacuum seal it freeze it and eat it over the next 2 months or so. breaks down to like 25 bucks a week in meat expense, pretty cheep.

i goto nascar in april at tms and i am the cook, i will probably save some of the pulled pork till then, and keep adding to it so i wont have so much work to do come that weekend. oh yea i forgot to mention we camp there for like 3 days or more.
Wow Buzzard :!: Keep the pics coming of the finished product. Heck, I had to fly to San Antonio for a meeting the next 3 days. Sitting in a motel room with no good food. You should have posted this last week, I would have flown into Dallas and joined you :idea: :D :!:
My biggest smoke was 10 slabs of ribs, 2 packer briskets, 10lb of sausage, and I don't even remember what else. Was for a tailgate party I hosted for the Saints vs Cowboys game. There is a thread about it somewhere around here.
ok its 4:30 the ribs are done and 1/2 rack is eaten, one of the butts (ths smallest one) is in the oven comming to temp. i normaly do not do this but since i am limited on space i needed to. i have soft smoked the bacon, i have the cabbage in for more then an hour and i double wraped it in foil. forgot the salt and pepper but i am sure it will be fine.

i keep forgetting to look at the clock when i put stuff in.

the 7 fatties are done, see that pic..mmmmmmm

i now have on 11 eggs and the 6 potatoes and starting my ATBs. i will smoke my peppers for an hour or so to start then stuff them and finish them off, that way the bacon is done correctly.

i have the two pork loins comming to room temp. i am hopeing one of the butts will be done by the time the loins are up to temp.

i took a 30-45 min nap (depending on what time i actually dozed off) and am about to take another.

i have added more pics of where i have been and where i am now.

ill post back in a few.
roflmao gofish, next time i will but up a certain backdrop!! how did that season turn out?

ok its 6:45 and i have stuffed my peppers and have them in the smoker along with 2 pork loins, a head of cabbage, 6 potatoe (which seem to be taking for ever to cook) and 3 ears of corn i am not turning enough.

the eggs turned out bad, when you look at my updated pics you will see them in the bottom of the trash can. i forgot to take them off before i took my nap and it was just too long in the smoker. they had an odd taste to them like crestole but so far nothing else has. probably just too much smoke. and im finishing off my bacon.

i took 2 fatties and 4 cream cheese packets mixed it all together for my stuffing for my ABTs, then i added rotel extra hot tomatoes and chillies and have me some buzzards dip.

here soon i will be adding the two chickens, then 3 hours later, i get to smoke the cheese and i will be done. i may wait till tomorrow and do the cheese on my roomates upright probane so i can control the temp better.

oh yea the meat loaf will go on with the chicken. then its vacuum sealing time. i have already done the ribs and 4 of the fatties. the jerky should be done with in the next hour.

the link is to the updated pics

oh no, i just realized something.....i have yet to open my first beer.
its 12:45 and i am too tired to go on. i still have to vacuum seal everything up. the pulled pork did not turn out as well as the last batch. not enough smokey flavor, kinda tasted baked, real weird. it will be ok though, i made jeffs finishing sauce for it.

when you all look at the last pics, keep in mind i pull my pork with my hands. my nails look dirty, but believe me they were washed several times today.

i forgot to tell you all. my maveric ET-73's batteries were going down and it froze the temp at 194* for a while, when i was fireing up the grill this morning. but the battery part i did not know. so i put my hand on it in amazement it settled so fast, just to see what 200* felt like. what i found out was what 412* felt like!!!! my hand is a little burned, kinda like my eggs.

any way thank you all for hanging with me. um type to you all later.
Sounds like a really long day Buzzard. Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for a while though. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.