My Big Ol' Butt II

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Aug 29, 2006
Doing lots of smoking and football watching today. I am getting ready to put on my butts and couple fatties. Later I am doing some ribs and a couple of beer can chickens.

Food porn
I used the recipe that Jeff sells on my butts, and this recipe on my ribs (thought I would try out something without a lot of sugar in it).

***DRY RUB***
4 tablespoons paprika
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons onion powder
2 teaspoons pepper, black
2 teaspoons pepper, white
2 teaspoons pepper, red

I will let you know how they turn out.

I am also going to make a mustard base sauce (using splenda instead of sugar) and Alabama white sauce. I still have some of Jeff's sauce left over from my last smoke so that will be available also, but not for me at this point as I am watching my carbs (as you probably already guessed),
I forgot to mention to most important thing for my butts, I will be using SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce.

I have used jeffs rub once so far it is great, Have you used his sauce recipe as well, it is delicious :D

The next time I do a butt I will use soflaquers sauce for sure, I have read so many good comments about it on here.
I have made Jeff's sauce twice, it is very good.
One more and then I will be cut off from posting any more pics by the forum until I delete the old ones.
Hey Jaime!
Good lookin' porn 8) I've had two BBC's on the smoke for about 1 hour now and I thought I'd take a look around in the forum. I saw your birds and....... :shock: I forgot to fill the necks of mine so I ran out to fix it :oops: Hope all turns out for me. Duh!
I bet they will be fine. I just took my chickens off, I will try to post a pic but I don't think the forum will let me unless I delete one of the other pics.

It won't let me upload another pic right now, they look good and taste even better.


OK Let's try out image shack
Never filled the necks think I'll stuff my next with a couple of onions or leeks. Try lime margarita mix in the beer butt chicken instead of beer.

Jamie, Nice setup you have with your smokers. The
food also looks great.
Everything turned out great, well except for the ribs. They just weren't tender like I wanted them. I think they needed to cook longer. They were on for six hours, but my temps may have been kinda low. I am cooking some more this weekend in two different smokers using two different methods, maybe three. To see what I did wrong?

Jamie .. looking real good .. nice swing set and dog .. my brother had one of each .. kinda looks like your yard.

Thanks Joe. I am going to do an experiment to try to figure out my rib problem that I mentioned earlier. I am going to post my experiment in another thread. It should be educational and fun.

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