my bassett hound

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Smoking Fanatic
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May 2, 2007
hies so modest when he sleeps

Thats one comfy pooch. Here a couple of pics of my lab Buddy. He refuses to sit on the ground. He just sits in his chair right next to me. He thinks hes human. Sometimes he even hangs his paw on the armrest. Im just waiting on him to ask me for a beer,
chrish, my two beagle boys sleeps the same way and just like keywesmoke's pup, they snore like crazy! It's a wonder that they don't wake each other up. It gets so bad at times that me or Ma Dutch has to kick them out of the bedroom at night just so WE can sleep. (Now if I can just solve the Brides snoring problem!!
) As for my little girl beagle, she gotta be part sitter of some kind (her papers say she's all beagle), but she does like to sit on the patio furniture. I have a two seater rocker that she likes to jump up on and she'll lay there on the seat with her head on the arm of the rocker just rocking away. Still haven't figured out how she gets the rocker moving on her own is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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