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Mar 12, 2006
Mobile, AL
Sunday turned out some of my best ribs yet. I used a new rub:

2 lb. Sugar
8 oz Seasoned salt
2 oz paprika
2 oz chili powder
2 oz black pepper
1/2 oz garlic salt
1/2 oz onion powder
1 oz cumin

This is for bulk, so I cut it down considerably. This is actually Disney's rub from the Flame Tree at Animal Kingdom. Their ribs are o.k. but I did like the rub.

I cooked these on my Great Outdoors gas smoker. I varied the 3-2-1 down to 2-2-1/2. After 2 hours of smoke, I put on a thin coat of bbq sauce and drizzled them with honey. I then wrapped them up for the next 2 hours. After 2 hours wrapped, I opened them up and applied another thin coat of sauce and let them go about 30 more minutes. I forgot to get the apple cider, so I just let them go. I was worried. I usually spray them down a few times. But hey, they turned out moist and delicious. Nothing left but perfectly clean bones.
those ribs look awesome i am printing your rub recipe now will try it out thanks for the recipe and the great picture
From where I sit, looks are everything
and those ribs look fantastic! 8)


Man I just got a couple of seconds to jump on a computer out at the job site and the first thing I see is your mouth watering ribs! Awesome job, I can't wait to try your recipe
Awesome work there, mystykal. Those babys look mouth-watering and just perfect! The picture sure sets off a mean craving, I'm gonna have to get a couple racks before this weekend!

Those are some fine looking ribs. I'm going to have to add your rub recipe to the "Must try" pile. I know my wife will like it as it doesn't call for any red pepper.
Thanks everyone. I struggled with ribs for a long time. They are my favorite food in the world, but I always had trouble cooking them. Now, I get good results and everyone loves them. I told my wife they looked so good, I hated to eat them. She really liked the rub and usually she complains about the rub being too strong. I think I'll stick with this one for a while.

My wife likes a good rub every now and then.Sorry I just couldnt let that one go,its the heathen in me.
:shock: :P Mine does too, David. For some reason she always falls to sleep when it's her turn to rub me!! :(
how would I reduce those measurements for a smaller amount of the rub with out comprising the exact amounts of ingredients . . .also I use to the table/tea spoon amounts, not oz. do I got to get with it??
I used a digital scale and sized it down to a 1/4 of the original recipe. I didn't convert over to regular measurements, but when I make another batch, I will try.

thanks wes, I'll keep an eye out, really want to try that rub, I just think those amounts might be too much to make. . . .
gortiz, For less that $20.00 you can pick up an inexpensive digital scale at Wally's World. It will weight in lbs. and ounces or in metric upto 5 lbs.

I find it easier to make large batches of rubs and use what I need and then vacuum seal the rest for later use.
Some of my friends had quit asking for my bread/roll recipes because things are measured by weight instead of volume. Guess what they got for Christmas? :P
two questions, I heard that if you apply the bbq to quick you can burn the ribs with the sugar, and it looks like you did it 1/2 way? Don't get me wrong your pic is incredible. Also, is spraying during the process a little overated then since you didn't even do this time around?
This is the only time that I have not sprayed the ribs. In this case it didn't make a difference. They were not dry at all. I had them wrapped for 2 hours with bbq sauce and then another 20-30 minutes with another coat unwrapped. They didn't burn. Sometimes I don't add any more sauce, just serve it at the table. Sometimes, I use no sauce at all. Just depends on my mood. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.