my 200 gal. milk tank

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Dec 22, 2005
Mo. Jefferson citty
this is one that i made that is all stanless steel in side so there is no rust yes even the fire box. I can cook 2 150 lb pigs in it, or 3 cases of brisket


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Boy chipotlepat, am I impressed !! Man that's sweet. I had to call the wife over to the puter to show her that one. Her first response was don't get any idea's we don't have room for something that big.

Very nice.

Hey Patrick, GOT MILK? lol, sorry I couldn't help myself. Had a couple of girlfriends in my younger days and their daddy's had dairy farms, those 250 gal. tanks were a familiar sight.

Post us some photos of the goods that you smoke.
Awsome is the only word that comes to my mind ...... and all out of stainless steel. That's a life time smoker! I look forward to your post of pictures of your output.
Cool! I like big smokers! I see ya have some sort of conter weight on the door, but where are the handles to open it???

More pics!

That's cool. I can kinda see the "lip" on the door not that you explained it!

Do you have any pics of the internals? I'm a sucker for BBQ Pit pics!

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