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My 2 drawer Landmann setup, smoking and clean up

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by abhorn, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. abhorn

    abhorn Newbie


    Here is my experience with my new Landmann smoker.

    I picked up a 2 drawer Landmann smoker at Bass Pro Shops the other day. It had 2 big dents in it and I had to exchange it for another one which they checked out before I came back. It takes 45 minutes each way. This one was ok except for a couple dings on the top rear which are really not noticeable.

    It took me over an hour to assemble it. It just took my time and made sure everything was fitting properly. All parts were there and everything came together ok.

    I then sprayed the inside with olive oil (I understand any oil will do, but I already had this), put on the water pan and woodchips and fired it up to 225 degrees for 3 hours. This "seasoned" it.

    I took 2 slabs of regular pork ribs, trimmed them, covered them in mustard and put Arthur Bryant's rub on them. Put plastic wrap on them and refrigerated them overnight. I did the same with 2 whole chickens using my own homemade rub.

    The next morning I took out the meat and let it sit until room temperature. Meanwhile, I set up the smoker. I put foil around the water pan for easier cleanup. I filled the wood box with hickory chips which I soaked for about a half hour. I kept a bucket of soaked wood chips at all times.

    I cut the slabs in half to make it an easier fit. Full slab would fit but would be touching the sides. I put a slab on the top shelf, the chickens on the 2nd shelf and a slab on the lower shelf. My wife suggested I put the chickens on the bottom to get the juices from the ribs. I took her advice and put both rib racks on top. The picture was taken before I changed it.

    I fired up the smoker and maintained 225 degrees fairly successfully. I was using a standard Taylor thermometer (the Classic) and the built-in Landmann thermometer for comparison. The inside one was about 25 degrees lower and that's the one I used. Got good smoke except that the firebox only burned the chips for about 45 minutes. I will be changing that before the next smoking to a larger cast iron pan, or cake pan, or cut down coffee pan or something else and cover it with foil with holes in it. It is just too small for my liking.

    I filled the water pan every 1.5 to 2 hours. I used a sprayer filled with apple juice and sprayed everything every hour or so. I did not turn any meat during the smoking process.


    The water pan if filled too high will slosh over and burn you and or your feet if you open the water draw to hard as well as slosh all over the wood box and burner.


    The firebox also gets extremely hot. Kept burning up my gloves. Careful when changing or adding the chips.

    I also used a Taylor remote meat thermometer. After 3 hours it showed the chickens at 166 degrees - done. They were juicy, smoky and falling off the bone delicious. Great start!!!

    After the same 3 hours I wrapped the ribs in foil with some apple juice, and let them sit in the smoker for about 1.5 hours. Then let them sit naked for another hour in the smoker. By that time I could see the ribs had begun to get over done so I took them out. They were still excellent. Great smoke ring, tasty and slightly moist (although more rub was really needed. Arthur Bryant's is not too strong. Needs a lot). They were still tender and almost falling off the bone. A little more dried out then I would normally like. Next time I will monitor the rib temperature not the clock time.

    I didn't clean anything until the next day when the unit cooled. I brushed and washed the racks and water pan. I paper toweled the inside of the smoker looking for grease puddles as I gently wiped it. The worst was down along side the top of the burner, so be sure to check there.

    I really, really liked the separate draws for the water and wood. Made it real easy to change both without opening the smoker door.

    I had ordered a smoker cover the same day I bought the smoker. Got it from Newegg.com. It came the same day I was cooking. It is made for the unit and it looks great. I have also ordered the Maverick 73 remote thermometer which monitors meat and oven temperatures at the same time. This should be a great addition.

    I live in South Florida and the temperature outside was in the 90's. Fortunately I have a pool and was in and out all day enjoying the smoking, the pool and of course some cold ones. IT DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THEN THIS!!!

    All and all a wonderful smoking experience with a teriffic smoker. Take care and...

                                            "GREAT SMOKING"

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  2. Abhorn

    How about a picture of your new smoker
  3. abhorn

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    I added a picture as suggested.

  4. rgacat

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    Welcome to the addiction Arnie.
  5. abhorn

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    Thanks rgacat. I guess we could all have a lot worse vices then smoking ... lol.