My 1st FATTY

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Jul 4, 2007
I have a fatty on for the 1st time. You all keep talkin about how good they are but I would like to know about how long to smoke him & what the internal temp should be.
just below the grate I am staying close to 200 degrees. the lid temp has been about 175 degrees & the oven thermometer right next to fatty has been 275 on the top rack in the smoker
Are you watching the internal temp of the fatty also?

Are you making your fatty plain or did you add a few ingredients?
Fatty is Plain & rolled in a little rub. Last check it was 160 degrees inside @ 2 hours. Now it is @ 2 1/2 hours & will check in about 1/2 hour for temp. (I don't want to look until I need to let the smoke out to turn the ribs & wings)
I'll be slicing & eating him right after I mop the ribs & turn & bast the wings.
Sounds like me when I do ABTs........
Sounds good, It goes great with beer while smoking. One tip, theres always
room for 2 or 3 or more on the smoker
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