mustard on ribs

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 23, 2007
Well, I bought a slab and will try rubbing them with mustard before I put the rub on.

Heard about it here, so I thought I would keep you folks informed of my progress.

Not doing it tonight, but tomorrow I will let you all know what happens.

Happy smoking to you all!
You won't be disappointed. The mustard cooks clean away and leaves a nice sticky for the rub to cling to. Post pics!
i did it once & even though the mustard leaves no taste on the meat ( i used 1905 brand brown/german) it gave the pit a pleasant smell. almost too bad it cooks off- and i did it w/ the rub covered & fridged for 48 hrs.
I use mustard on all my pork stuff. Don't do it on beef for some reason. Maybe I should try it :)
If you try it on beef, try a dijon and crushed peppercorn crusted ribeye.

just take the ribeye and cover in mustard and coat the mustard in the peppercorns. then it goes straight onto a rocket hot grill for a few minutes. My wife says its HEAVEN and she hates Dijon.
Yes, I'll second that... how long do you soak them? I've never done that before... hmmmm...
I usually soak them 3 hrs you can go longer than that if you want to. Any time I do pork I always soak in apple juice first and I spray with aj while there cooking.
StarsFaninCo, I agree. I've been pretty content with the items that I've smoked in the past. But, I have seen a lot of things here that I'm really wanting to try. Pork butt is my "kick" right now. Once i get confidence in it then I'll move on to something else. Most likely ribs using the 3-2-1 method. Currently I just smoke them for about 5-6 hours and go with it. But, I'll try something new, maybe I'll like it. thanks, Greg
Growing up in West Texas, I've done briskets (smoked) and steaks (grilling) pretty much all my life. Pork was never very high on the list and then mostly just grilled pork chops. When I found this site, I think I had already bought the GOSM, and I know I already had my grill. I did a brisket or two and found how she cooked, then found a rub that really intrigued me, so I did some pork butts. Now, I guess about the only thing I haven't done in the GOSM is a turkey. I've gotten the hang of how to feed it over how I used to feed my stick burner. The stick burner used wood for heat and smoke vs just smoke with the GOSM. I've played around with injections where I'd never done it before. I learned there is other wood than mesquite!. All in all, this site has really brought my skills up in a lot of respects. I still miss my wood burner, but since there really isn't a lot of good wood here in Denver to cook with, I can make do.

I am back, and the mustard rub worked very well. Sorry no pics, but once again my teen-aged son seems to have a life of his own and can't seem to find the time to show me how to load pics form the digital camera.

Some of my new friends here may remember that not too long ago I asked their opinion about mixing my dry rub with apple sauce. I did that and it turned out well, also.

I contend that too much of a good thing is never too much!! Next I will rub the ribs with mustard, and then with the apple sauce/dry rub concoction. I have even toyed with the idea of a honey glaze in the last hour or so.

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