music to cook by

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Hey Gypsy, your friend is VERY good, I enjoyed it. I am now putting rub on brisket, two chickens, two fatties, spare ribs, fish, corn, ham, dang, I might should invite some people over tommorrow? Pretty soon I will be as wide as I am tall. Terry
i didn't realize - i was on my myspace checking out my friends w/ the fussy butt baby- yer stuff just simmered her down now... thats classy stuff (literally). maybe someday we get to jam(yeah i haven't put up all the good stuff on my garageband site yet. getting used to my new studio & new baby.. etc. but i guarantee the next smf gathering if you & i are there- oh my goodness sakes. salsa way i like it- btw- that strat neck is scalloped right ??? gypc(brian) is so good he makes me wanna throw down my strat & burn it like hendrix @ the monterrey pops.
That would be great to jam at the next gathering!!! If I don't eat to much!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.