Mush See Bill Board

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Dec 28, 2009
nettleton ms.
this is a bill board abound 12 mi north of where i live in tupelo ms.
what do you think lol
I think truth be told those should say Bill Clinton and have his picture. My quality of life and our national bank account were better then. But they get 4 or 8 years, both those guys had their day,now it is time to let the new guy work.
It is because your work IT has blocked photbucket probably because it is considered a online storage site. Most IT departments just blanket block all online storage storage regardless of content.
That showed up somewhere in Minnesota a month or so back........

As far as "the new guy".......I don't think we can literally "afford" to see him "work" much longer!!!
I don't miss him and we don't talk politics here. But I can see the humor in the billboard
I'm sorry for the post then
i thought we could talk abount anything as members espcially
if we pay to be a member
I can see 99% of the photo's at work its just a very few that I can't see anything. Its something with my desktop because I can put my laptop on the same network and I can see the pictures just fine.
What? I thought that was what general discussion was. I know some boards have issues with people getting hot under the collar about such things, however I will have an honest sharing of views and opinions with anyone at anytime.

I will always respect others opinions and hope that at a minimum they do the same. I think minds are like books they only have value when opened.

I come here to share smoking meat knowledge and hope I can give back a part of what I learned here. That being said I hope I made some friends here and they can ask me anything they want. If something is too touchy for this board then P.M. me please.

Hmmmmmmm.....what was that called again?? Oh yea, "Freedom of Speech." I don't mind your thread. I guess politics is something that CAN & DOES get a lot of other people in the US fired up. Don't be sorry for your thread. Just tread carefully. I personally found it funny. Thanks for the laugh. I never have to look far for bush, if ya know what I mean........
Agreed.. And quite frankly, i'm tired of the political threads that have been on here lately..I mean come on.. After an 8 year hole, how long did u people think it would take to get out of this??And now ive even responded to a stupid political thread on a smoking site. I know that the mods make the rules around here but i guess i dont have to come here anymore if i dont want to either...Oh well, i have ways of contacting the people who i need to on this site..I wonder how many people are run off by this stuff??
Try not reading any political or controversial thread. If it bothers you just ignore and move on. There is a huge crisis going on in this country and it is only natural that were people spend their time and with their online friends they want to share their opinions too, regarding what is affecting their lives. It is no different than someone asking others to pray about a sick loved one. Or to talk about their dog, or their favorite car. Rational people are capable of discussing most topics including politics and religion without attacking the opposing person, and exchanging view points. It is nothing but political correctness that has deemed it unacceptable to talk publicly and openly about something that is so important to our lives.

It would be nice that we have one current events forum, for these kind of posts, and that the topic titles of that forum NOT show up in the Active thread list, so anyone that wants to participate in those discussions has to subscribe to see such a forum. That way anyone that wants to ignore that forum can easily do it.

Personally I spend 80% of my online time here at SMF, I want to discuss current events with my online friends and hear their opinions and outlook, I want my thinking challenged. Many of us post a lot here on SMF, we are active net citizens of SMF, I wouldn't think of looking for a political forum on another site, SMF people are very much like me, they seem to enjoy what I enjoy, there is a commonality, thus I care what they think, and hopefully they would be interested in what I think. Based on our posts on the topic we all agree on smoking meat, we learn and come to respect the other SMF members. Because of that earned respect I want to hear those same people on other topics too. So PM Jeff if you want a Current Events forum restricted to subscribers only. (Subscriber as in the UserCp subscription list/forum/threads, not paid membership.) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.