Multiple smokes in 1 day

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Mar 10, 2007
Sacramento CA
I'll be smoking 2 sets of ribs tomorrow, due to lack of space on the ECB. I want to do the 3-2-1 method.
What do you guys think is the best way, cook both sets of ribs 3-2 and then do the firming up of both at the end?

Im worried that if i let the first batch sit after they are all done, they will be soggy.

So i guess i'll be doing a 3-2; 3-2-1; 1...

damn, thats 10 hours, better get to sleep for an early morning!
Not sure if this will help cause I'm not sure exactly how many racks your doing in all but.... some folks do what they call pinwheel them... take each end of the rack and bring them together and attach them with a couple toothpicks so that the rack forms an "O". You can fit alot more racks in a small space that way.

that's a great method, another alternative is to get some rib racks, that greatly increases the amount you can do in the smoker at one time!!!!
Yeah, I agree smoked, but my rib rack didn't even fit on my brinkman smoke n grill so I used to do this when I had too many racks to fit any other way.
I think I'll do a combination of everyones suggestions!

(I overslept and have no other choice but to cook them all at once)

I will be smoking 4 racks of spares and 3 racks of babybacks.
I did get a rib rack, but it only holds 5 racks.

So the 4 spares in there, and 3 pinwheel style babybacks.

Thanks for the suggestions guys!
I did 2 slabs of ribs last weekend, and I wasn't sure how they would do, but they did great. They came off the smoker at 9pm Friday, and weren't eaten until 4pm Saturday. They were still awesome! Just warm them low and slow in the oven if you need to.
Theresa -

I think I'll try that ring method. I had to hunch back my ribs yesterday they where to long for the ECB and I hate to cut them till dinner time.
It went well.
I had trouble keeping the temp high enough, even though it was 75 degrees outside, and no wind. I emptied out the water pan and it brought it up to about 200. I kept spraying the ribs to keep them nice and juciy.

As far as the arragement of the ribs, it was perfect. It turns out I didnt really need to cook 6 racks for 15 people. I thought it wouldnt be enough. Hey, I ate my half rack!
Frieza -

I've done 4 racks of ribs at one time in my ECB without a rib rack, just propped them up on beer can chicken thingy. My biggest problem is there usually to long so I have to hump them over.

An observation about your experience, you said you had trouble keeping temps high enough which is a common problem with many smokers. Yet you emptied out the water pan, Water acts as a heat sink holding heat inside the smoker. Just add boiling water to the pan and it will help keep your temps up. Another comment you said you kept spraying the ribs, how often did you spray them? Another problem many folks have when they are first starting is they open the top far to often and allow to much heat to escape. Once per hour IMO is plenty often enough for a quick spritz, but try to get the lid closed as fast as possible. For ribs, try to keep the temps between 225 and 250.

Another thing you may consider if you are having problems keeping temps up, is you can modify your ECB by increasing the airflow to your coal pan. The following links describe a few relatively simple modifications you can make with minimal effort to give tremendous improvements in burn time and longevity.

As for 6 racks for 15 people, I guess it depends on the crowd. Three of my buddies and I can demolish 6 slabs of ribs in about 30 minutes! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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