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Nov 18, 2022
I just picked up a barley used new Bruanfels vertical off set smoker. for 20 plus years all I have used are the small bullet charcole and water type smokers and this new soker is awesome. A few questions. So I started with a bag of Kinsford with a peice of pecan down first. Pour unlit charcol on to wood then dumped the lit charcoal on top of that. Worked great, I could adjust temp up or down. I put on a spiral ham and when I finished the cook I wanted to decrease the temp because I was finishing up with some crème cheese. Toward the end of the cook on the ham there was almost no smoke. When i cut both vents off to decrese the temp I got a LOT of smake. Whys is that? Also I used some small aluminum pans for the creme cheese. After they were finished i pulled them off and noticed a stickiness to the exposed bottom and side to that aluminum pan? Could that ne from the pecan of the charcole?
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You got a lot of smoke because you cut the air flow off. If you want to cool it down just open the door & close down the intakes. When it cools down to the temp you want & the smoke cleans up, then put the food in. The stickiness is from the thick white smoke.

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Nov 11, 2020
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Not seeing smoke is a good thing. The smoke is still there flavoring the meat. Use smaller splits of wood and don't close the vents completely. Follow Al's advice.
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