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Jun 12, 2006
I have heard about and read about a few times in the last month or so about people using some stuff called MSG in thier rubs. I understand its supposed to enhance the flavor of your rub?? Does anyone have any experience with this stuff , and what exactly is it , and where do you get it?
MSG=monosodium glutamate
MSG is a flavor enhancer. It has been said that MSG causes gross obesity by slowing metabolic rate. Though evidence is not there to support those claims. I know this; I'm fat because I don't eat right and don't get enough exercise.
The Chinese have used MSG in there cusine for ever and there don't seem to be many grossly obese Chinese. Hmmmmmm.
You get it in the spice section of your grocery store.
I don't know much about MSG, but you hear advertising that says "NO MSG". I think MSG is just an enhancer........similar to lavetra/******/what "Bob" uses.

Sorry Buddy, that last statement was I mean lame.

I've seen MSG at wal-mart, usually in a big container. I've never used it in my rubs.
The general consensus is that it isn't good for you.
but that's a personal thing......the choice is of course yours to make.
It is used as a flavour makes your taste buds work overtime so to speak.
It has been known to trigger migraines in those people who suffer from said; I like that, "said malaise" where did that come from???
It will also make you thirsty.... if i eat any Chinese food that has MSG in it I end up drinkin water like there is no tomorrow
MSG was used by Chinese restaurants to retain color in vegetable dishes.
It is very salty and I think generally not good for you, also it is not needed to cook anything.
Personally, if I have ingested the stuff, my sinuses just close up and I can't breathe through my nose.
MSG gets no support from me ...
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