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Jul 3, 2005
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Here is my last batch of slim jims and they are the best yet.I used a pre mix seasoning and this time used the encapuslated citric acid as suggested earlier in this topic.I must say it really works good,gives it the tangy flavor like store bought slim jims.I made 15 lbs fresh and ended up with about 10 lbs.dry.I forgot who mentioned the citric acid but thank you bushels.David
David, those look awesome....I have to admit I had another episode of monitor biting, I guess my next new toy (um...I mean Tool) will have to be sausage stuffer....I want some of those :D
Todd-you and Brian must be related- He likes to sniff, lick and bite his 'puter and drool on his keyboard too, his wife keeps catching him but she has't been able to break him of the habit :D

Dac, thanks for posting your latest-they do look good.
Scott,I use a sausage stuffer for these.You can see mine under the thread"super stuffer."There are many different types of stuffers from the small stuffing horn up to the big crank type which I have.Most any sausage equipment suppliers offer stuffers that you can look at,check out The Sausage
hello everyone
northern tool has a nice 5 pound stuffer for around $80.00 it is a nice machine the only problem is that does not come with a nozzle for stuffing slim jims i think you can make one out of a 3/8 piece of tubing and flairing one end of the tube
Those are some fantastic looking Slim Jims! I used to eat those things by the hand full and loved them. I'll bet your's are a lot better than the store bought. I'd love to be able to try one with an ice cold beer! Hmmmm makes my throat tingle. Great Job!!!
Dacdots, those look great.

How long did they take you to stuff?

I love to make them but find that stuffing them can take all the fun out of it. (I do have a Sausage Stuffer 5 lbs stuffer , but it still takes too long, maybe it is just ADD)
Hey Dave, I am glad the ECA worked out for you. I think I was the one that mentioned using the encapsulated citric acid, I have not used it yet, but now that you have smoked some using the ECA, I will be ordering some. I will have to hit the yard sales to see if I can find stuffer.
Yea bigdaddy they really turned out good.The citric acid worked great and gave them just the right amount of tang for me.Thanks for enlightning me to them.Cheech,I have a 25 lb stuffer but that shouldnt matter,I can get about 12 feet of casing on my tube at once and it takes maybe two minutes to stuff one that long.After I have them all stuffed I make a mark on the cutting table six inches long and cut them into lengths.
Does anyone have a recipe for Slim Jims? Temp for smoking? Do you use sheep casings? The original poster mentioned encapsulated citric acid. Where can you get that and how much do you use per pound of meat?

I know these are a lot of questions, but you guys know the answers :)
hello az

i start my slim jims out at 120 for 1 hour and then i put the chips in and leave temp at 120 for another hour then i raise temp up to 140 for an hour and then go to 160 for an hour and on up to 180 i usually dont go above 180 i leave the smoker at 180 until the sausage temp reaches 152 and the slim jims are done i use pre mixed seasoning i stuff them into 22mm collegen casings they are better then the sheep casings i have never used encapsulated citric acid yet but i just ordered some will try out later hope this helps
dac.. those look awesome... Another for my "To-Do" list. Thanks for the post.
Man... I tried to get up too quick to go buy a stuffer and slipped in puddle of my own drool. I gotta try those
Got grinder and stuffer. Got meat. Don't have casings. O'well keep drooling. :lol:
Thanks SC..After I wrote that post I did some research and found a lot of the supplies on the Eldons site. Even encapsulated citric acid. Thanks for the advice on the temps and times. Hopefully santa gets me one of those new fangled gas smokers from Wally World for Christmas.. :)

One more question though..Do you use the mohogany colored or clear 22mm casings?

that is up to you just need to make sure that you get the ones for smoked sausage the ones for fresh sausage break to easy i use the clear casings anither place to get sausage supplys is PS seasonings i use a lot of there products
Sorry it took me so long to respond to this, but your response got me thinking. I have a GOSM gas smoker. How would I be able to get temps this low? Even on the lowest setting, I'm still at a constant temp at about 190' is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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