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May 27, 2006
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Here are more pics of the maiden voyage today


Excellent pics! It is all I can do to refrain from taking a bite outta my monitor! Good thing we don't have "smellivision" installed. I'd be going nuts by now!
Question, Richard.....How is the accuracy on your thermometer? Still waiting for my GOSM Big Block to arrive and I am getting anxious!
Good morning SRMONTY..Thanks...the true test was a cold sandwich...again excellent..
When I was doing the seasoning the temps were pretty close..maybe 5 low...but I will do a more accurate test in the future..was kind of anxious to get things going..I did use digital temp guages in the meat and on the shelf where the meat was cooking...and the door reading was about 10 low..
Hope you get your Big Block soon...worth the wait...

Thanks for the info, Richard! I plan to test mine (if it ever gets here) with an oven thermometer I know is dead on. I will test while seasoning and later on with food and publish the results as I get them! Thanks again and once more......Good Going!
cajunsmoker..Hello...yes I was quite pleased with the results...the wife even liked it...but the true test was with a cold sandwich....which was also great...
the taters could have been better...but that I think was my fault...I put them in a little on the late side...and had to nuke them a little so they would be ready when everything else was...and the quality of taters wasn't the greatest...they looked fine in the bag...but when I washed them..they were green as time I'll pick them out individually...definately will try them again before I say yea or nay...

Here's a tip for your taters. Run a quality metal skewer, preferably stanless steel, through your taters. The metal will conduct heat into the center of the taters and cut down cooking time considerably. You can put more than one tater on a skewer depending on size of tater and length of skewer. Bear in mind that at least one inch of skewer on each end and at least one half inch in the middle should remain exposed. Do not butt taters to each other. Hope this helps!
SRMONTY...thanks for the that you mention it...I can remember my mother having some aluminium nails..that she would use in potatoes, when she thought they would give her a problem she knew, I don't know, but we never had an uncooked potato...will have to see what I can find...I can always make something at work...

Thanks again
Richard- Next time you do some 'taters, try rubbing them down with some veggie or olive oil and them sprinkling them with some kosher salt. When I do 'em in the smoker, I just place them right on the rack-no foil pan needed, 'cept to move 'em from the smoker to the table. :D
Earl...Hello....I do intend to try the taters again...besides all the shortcomings on my behalf..I did have help preparing lovely bride wanted to help...she had the evoo,salt and pepper on them...and whe she brought them out to me, I didn't have the heart to tell her I didn't need the pan...she didn't want me to get another shelf in the new smoker to keep her happy..she is enjoying all the fine food that has been smoked so far...

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