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more brisket advice???


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How did it turn out?
Cook went from friday 4 pm done at 4am. I dozed off & when I got up internal temp was 208 & probed like butter. Giving off a ton of juices from what I can see. I thought I finally nailed it. Think where I went wrong was I didnt allow it to cool long enough to stop the cook before re-wrapping for the towel / cooler rest. Would imagine the 208 internal wasnt a huge issue. Was in the cooler from 4-12 in the afternoon as was waiting on the wife. When I finally cut into it the flat was dry. I was pissed!
Assuming it was still excessively hot during the rest & just continued to cook / dry-out?
At 208 I guess I should have let it rest on the counter & cut...
Point was great, was disappointed in the flat. Ill eventually nail it.
This started as im going to do another brisket & turned into a pre thanksgiving get together so turned into a waiting game vs cutting into it early-on.



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Looks like you nailed it to me! While 203 is a widely used number to shoot for (I read it on the internet :emoji_nerd:) every brisket has it's temp and I love the look and the bark on yours. Hey, I've done dozens of these big chunks and the flat's tricky due to being so lean, especially on the type of briskets I typically cook (Choice & Select) This is where a good BBQ sauce or Au jus can really enhance that flat and make it next level. Nice looking smoke ring :)


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i have not but have seen that somewhere guy comments great results doing just that but dont remember where, either within a thread within this forum or utube....
I took 3 cups of tallow and added some rosemary, 3-4 gloves of garlic and put it on the smoker for 3 hours. Used some in my eggs and it was amazing. Going to use it on a few elk steaks tonight!



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I've used beef tallow on my last 6 or 8 briskets. I highly recommend it. I use about a tablespoon on the paper and drizzle another tablespoon on the brisket before wrapping.

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