Montreal BBQ Potatoes

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  1. So, how many times have you cooked foil packs of veggies on the side while grilling some form of beast? AND how many times have you cursed a blue streak when you puncture the foil, all your bountiful butter spills out & starts up, rivalling the Chicago Fire? NO MORE!! I make my Montreal BBQ potatoes this way. I took a rectangular metal brownie pan & cubes skin on spuds, filling the pan level. Then pour on 1/3C of melted butter. Then shake on some Club House La Grill Montreal Steak Spice or Montreal Chicken Spice. Place foil over the pan & bbq on med-hi. Flip every 4-5 minutes. Keep the foil on top, as it's a great place to set the grilled meat on to carry in the house!! Here's the Qview of my wife's fave meal, marinated Buffalo chicken boobies & Montreal potatoes. Enjoy!!
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    Looks like a great meal. I do something similar with a foil pan - nice post
  3. Only prob with foil pans is that they're thin & only used once. This way it's rigid, and can't be punctured without a sword,; )
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    Now your potatoes look really good and I like the pan part too.
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    Thanks for the tip on tators..
  6. Thanks guys. Now, by the color of the pan, have I been doing those taters a while?? LOL BBQ"season' is side dish heaven, and 90% of the time is taters.
  7. LOL nice looking boobies! ;-)
    Thanks for that great tip... will come in handy!

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