Monday Tri Tip

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ddave, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. ddave

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    Did a tri tip on the UDS today. Used some Pappy's seasoning.

    Here it is with a little Pappy's on it. Wife and the kids don't like too much. Tastes pretty salty if you get carried away with it.

    Here it is on the UDS.

    It was still cloudy and rainy out. Sorry about the dark pic.

    Here it is about an hour later when the sun came out for a couple of seconds.

    And here it is sliced.

    I'm still kind of experimenting with the Kingsford Comp Briquettes. I have a hard time keeping the temps below 260° with it. (My drum has 3 3/4" intakes and 8 1/2" exhaust holes.) I tried the standard 1 cap off and valve about 1/3 open. I only started 8 briquettes in the chimney, and brought it up real slow and things were going along at about 245° until I lifted the lid to put the meat on. It shot up a bit and dropped a bit but didn't want to come down past 255° or 260°. Now at this time the temp is being measured somewhat off center of the grate because the meat is on the center of the grate. Ended up running most of the time with 2 caps on and the valve all the way open but I didn't want to choke it down anymore. I am a little gun shy about choking the air off too much.

    When I lifted the lid again to check the temps it bounced up and wanted to run about 285°. I wasn't too worried since I usually cook them at much higher temps anyway but I would like to be able to keep the Kingsford Comp stuff under control. I am going to do a 10.5 pound brisket on Fridsy and I don't know if I should chance it with the new stuff or just go with some RO briquettes that I have had good luck in the UDS with. I'm kind of leaning towards the RO right now.

  2. bassman

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    Good looking tri-tip, Dave. Thanks for the pics.

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