Monday: day two - country ribs

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Feb 22, 2007
Sault Ste Marie,ON
gonna try some country ribs today.... a little windy today but got the smoker fairly windproofed

rubbed,ready and on the smoker here

Looking good Jeff, what time should me and Bud be there for dinner?? We'll bring the wine
it will be a late night supper...the missus doesnt get off until 10pm so you have plenty of time until

they should be done about 10:30pm... 3-2-1
Country style ribs aren't a 3-2-1, they will be tough........maybe. Country ribs are just boston but cut up. For tender, fall off bone, ribs you will need to take them to 190+. I've done them many times, although I suck at ribs, they are much different that spares and babys. foil at 160 or so, give or take, to speed up the cooking process.

I may be all wet, but I have read that country ribs are bone in boston butt. When I do them I take them up to 205*, let rest and serve. I guess I take them out of foil at about the same temp, or 200, and put some bbq sauce on them..........wait for the sauce to set, then take off.

good luck Cup, they do look thinner than the ones I usually see at groc store.

doin good by make'n the missus happy, can't go wrong no matter what ya cook.
the longest one is about 15 inches long and almost the size of a lighter in width

i actually never do them 3-2-1 for the same reason you stated..they dry out to quickly... that was a basic
Wow! the ones I get are usually 1-1.5" thick and only bout 8" long. You'd think they'd all be the same.

Well, my last post was just a "blah-blah-blah", similar to most of my others.

good luck, lets see some finished pics!
here's the thread from my last country rib smoke...

if you notice the plate in the pic..well its a regular dinner plate...

where i get my ribs is in the ghetto in flint michigan... they have great cuts of meat for cheap... those three "ribs" are about 3 pounds

here in michigan if you go to meijer at about 7am you cut the reduced meat for cheap... i found that out the other day when the missus needed some ahem hair

i got a 4.02 lb bottom roast for $3.87.... 6lbs country ribs for under $5.... 6 lb turkey breast for under $6
Looking good Teacup
. Country style ribs are my Mom's favorites. She buys a package and puts them up in singles and cooks em one at a time in little tin foil packets
Gotta love them old folks
(if I'm lucky I'll be one someday)
Here Country style ribs are just real meaty ribs about 7 - 8 inched long and sometimes sold cut apart already sometimes not cut apart.
the final result... fall apart, yummy goodness... taste wise these are the best i have done so far...

did something different this time..i usually smoke with apple chips... i got a deal on some hickory so i mixed the chips 3 parts apple one part hickory... very nice smoke flavor

Just one word teacup...


Thanks for sharing

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