Mold remediation?

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Jan 9, 2014
Savannah GA
I just pulled my MES30 out of storage after 2 years and the inside is covered in mold. My first response is to grab a rag and some bleach and wipe it down, but because I will be "cooking" in it, I'm not sure that is going to be enough. I know bleach interferes with stainless and aluminum, will this be a problem?

I'm going to assume that "hosing it out" is a bad idea? LOL

Boston butts go in on Saturday and I need to get this cleaned out. Nothing puts a damper on a party like food poisoning....
Clean it real good with soap and hot water, use a stiff bristle brush and scrub it good. Then wipe it down with vinegar and a rag. Recoat the inside with oil (spray pam works) then kick that sucker up as hot as you can get it for about 2 hours to sterilize it. Should be good to go then...
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Idk how built up your "gunk" is on the inside walls but I've found that a paint scraper does very well.

After you get the bug stuff off with the scraper, follow the scrub/vinegar and water directions above.
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Good tip Chop. I had an old one burn up on me when I walked away from it. It had been in storage for 3 years, first time I tried to use it, walked back outside and it was an electrical fire.
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Thanks guys, I got it all cleaned up, now tomorrow morning I'll fire it up and check to make sure it works.
hose out an electric Smoker???
While you're at it fill a drum with water & drop all your electric drills & saws in the water.
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