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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokin365, Sep 20, 2008.

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    Went on a fishing trip(verrrrryyyy unsucessfull) last weekend and didnt get my camera unpacked till tonight. The family requested that i bring the CGSP and do some cookin on it while i was there. So, i did a butt(usual procedure) a Fatty with J.D. mild, seasoned fries, Monterey jack and colby, some biscuits(canned), smoked the left over bacon for Bacon and cheeze sammies, and a breakfast casserole. Unfortunately, i dont have anything for the Fish forum[​IMG] there is not a "Misc Bunch o Stuff" forum, so i'm putting this here since it all contains pork. Sorry for limited qview, but Grandpa brought some Buffalo Trace bourbon and i was in an altered state while smoking and forgot to take sufficient pics. Im not sure how i was able function 3 out of 4 days to be truthfull[​IMG]

    foiled butt, bacon, biscuits, and fatty

    breakfast casserole 6 slices o bread buttered and frozen, 1lb sausage browned 8 eggs beaten, 1.5 C shreaded cheese. Mix it all together in one baking dish, set that one in a slightly larger dish and put some water in the bigger of the two to keep the eggs from drying out. bake @ 375 for 45 min

    and end up with this
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    I am surprised you got those pictures! I love a breakie you can mix all in one pan and bake...thanks for the new recipe!!
    Hugs to grampa from me!
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    Im quite surprised myself, I started sippin on burbon and limeaid about an hour after i put the butt on and set the thermo. The wife had to remind me what the beeping was when it went off and what i had to do[​IMG] Atleast thats her story and i dont have any grounds to argue on or anything to prove otherwise. I only drink like that every once in a while, but when i do, look out! The recipe us a good one if you like scrambled eggs[​IMG] I just make it cuz everyone else likes it.
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    Nice spread for a drinking man.[​IMG]

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