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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
May 2, 2007
I was in the ARMY 1st of the 194 CAV B troupe i was in the NG for 10years, Basic training Feb 1986, fort Knox Kentucky, most north west corner, PX was was south from us a mile or two, alot of it is a fog to me now.
i trained on the braidlys when they came out, started with the 113's the bradly is an upgrade from the 113 APC, a box on trax but i loved driving one, take down just about any size tree untill i hit one just alittle to big on a nerow path, stopped us dead in are track at about 15 mph that was a hard hit, about knocked me out, gunner got a face full of M-60 BUTT, my TC was went out the hatch and over the front
face full of grass ya good thing he yas my cuz or he might have hit me he almost did tho

and any more comments from you fly boys about the army and ill put a TOW up you tail pipe
id try it hold still!!
and slow down maby.

lots of boot camp stories maby you guys have some too to share and laugh about.

we had good and bad drill SGTs one ASS dril sgt was doing pull ups in a pit at the end of the building that below held the heating and cooling well it was a full story below ground and he was doing pull ups and he lost grip and fell, broke his leg none the less but it took three times pulling straws for someone to go down and drag his ass back up, there were no stairs down there and i never did figure out how anyone got down there tho theres was probly a locked door on the wall but i didnt notice one.
post on guys on the funny stuff..
I had a big long funny story and my ISP crapped out on me and i lost it all.
i have a complaint.
ok short version
had a drill SGT doing pull ups in a pit ant the end of the barrecks and fell and broke his leg (dumb azz) took us awile to decide on who was going down after him drew straws many times
the door in was locked so we had to rope him up never seen him again are main drill sgt Mc Duffie i think its spelled he was a black man black as night but a heart that shined as gold he WAS are MOM and DAD for that time in are lives, he was only 21 turned 22 during the time i was there and had a great B-day for him i was 18 no 19 in that year plus i went to a class mates place that was full time army in the tank Div just a mile away and came back FULLY loaded and buzzed drunk, major hang over in the morning and the sgt knew it but since i didnt get cought he ent me to the medics and sleept and did desk duty at the barrecks for the rest of the day,
we raised so much hell it was in the paper the next day and nobudy found out who it was (but us) and the sgt knew it and he had a grin from ear to ear and ask me for my finger nail clipper and knife (that we wernt suposed to have) and give my 20 for having it, started at 50:-)
Im just telling stories here dont mind me

candy was called pogy bait, and i know my memory is alittle off but NO CANDY i the first part of what you call BOOT CAMP we call basic trainning or hell camp, after a few weeks of the PT and trainning once you get a candy bar you feell the buz from the shuger and stuff beleve me you do its a RUSH like no other youll ever have again,

FOOD that is a topic in its self, not for the fly boys tho they got good food and survice, probly in room service, they dont do they fighting face to face they drop there load and go home.
fly boys cant say much about fighting when the army people are around, they never see the people they kill
I know thats alittle hard saying sorry but i am joking around, its a hard thing they do to, hard thing to live with but were trained to do it and thats it. its a job to do deal with it and talk it out later with a friend that understands what was done that had to be done.
When I was a youngster in boot camp back in 1972 I was this little tiny 90 lbs runt. There was always a competition between my Company Commander (also A little short lady) and this big ole loud mouthed Company Commnader on the guys side. They'd always put their best guy against her best girl and usually the guys won.

Well I may be little but I was a farm kid with no boys on that farm so I was a pretty strong kid and fast from dodging blows from the critters.

My Company Commnder finally found someone to compete! One day this loud mouth shows up with this huge Arnold Swashernager looking guy and I get called over. I swear I came up to this guys belt buckle! He was huge! His thighs were probably as big as my sholuders!

My company comander explains to me that we are going to have a contest running the osticle course. The whole time this big guy and the loud mouth are laughing their butts off pointing at me like I'm a freak or something and I was not a happy recruit! I am 5'2" tall and I don't look to bad why are these guys laughing at me?

So we go the the course and they shoot this little gun and off we go. Well obviously in the running parts he was faster but being litlte running tires, jumping through barrels and running over logs big enogh for me to sleep on was not hard for me. Climbing ropes was a dalily routine and nets just hawl stuff into the barn so I basically kicked this big guys butt! The loud mouth Company Commander was so red faced I thought he'd burst or something.

My little Company Commander was so happy she kissed me! Then the loud mouth wanted to go to the pool and have a swim competition. I told my Company Commander we couldn't do that and she asked why - I told her the only thing I ever swum in was cow or pig poop!

I damned near flunked out of boot camp trying to qualify in swimming! They finally agreed to let me swim the required number of laps anyway I could get there and I did it. Under water. I can not swim on top!
Ya know Mom Debi, I don't think anyone here has ever thought of you as a floater... good story too.
hay thanks blackhawk looks like some good reading there and illdo that later, Ill have to make a good military sig for ya, i could add your unit in there too. let me know and ill design something.
Boot camp, Parris Island, 1987 - I guess Marine Corps boot camp is a little different than most, we didn't get any pogy bait until right before graduation, we got to a movie on base at like 12 1/2 weeks into a 13 week cycle, you could either have 1 candy bar or bag of popcorn, almost everyone took the candy bar...funny story, one of our di's found out that this one woman was prior service AF and made her "fly" like a plane around the squad bay for not informing them she was prior service...
Damn Blackhawk, I'm reading these stories and am totally facinated and drawn in. I've always had great respect for our military personnel and this makes it even that much deeper! Thanks Jim
For someone probably my age you seem to remember more than I do Chrish. I started basic in Jan of 1986 at Tank Hill, Ft. Jackson SC. One of the coldest winters there on record. AIT was a five month drunk at Redstone Arsenal AL while learning to repair the T.O.W. II misssile system along with the now outdated Dragon. From there I went home to my reserve unit for a year, which was a joke. Not happy with the direction I was headed I decided to go active for 4 years. After graduating Airborne training at Ft. Benning I was off to my permanent duty station Ft. Bragg NC. Was with the 782nd Maint Bn for several years before transferring to leg-land otherwise known as COSCOM. Took over shop coordinator for the 530th S&S Bn and did my GW1 tour with them. Thank god I was out of the 82nd by then, they were seriously locked down over there. My old CO was quite peeved when me, a lowly SGT, showed up to visit my old buds with a 9mm strapped to my side, (I was in good with the arms warrant officer) and he was toting his M-16 around because division was short on 9mm's.

Had to extend do to the war but I got out after returning stateside. I'll share more stories later if anyones interested. Thanks for starting this thread Chrish. It actually feels good to reflect on some of this stuff now. I don't get to talk about this stuff much mostly because non-military folks just don't seem to understand and thats mostly who surrounds me on a daily basis. No offense to you all, it just makes it difficult to talk about, at least for me anyways.
x-Navy here. Proud PGR member.

USS Virginia CGN 38 (Desert Shield/Storm and a few others)
USS Lake Erie (CG 70) Plankowner (WestPac and others)
NAVIMFAC Pearl Harbor (Hell has nothing on this place.)

CMC: You can't tell a female to get off her ass and get to work. Now I have to write you up for sexual harrassment. How would you like it if I told you to get off your ass and get to work?
EM: Master Chief if you told me to get off my ass and get to work I probably deserved it.

Went out
saw the world
Didn't like it
came home.
Army 1977 to 1981
Basic in Ft Leonardwood, MO
AIT Ft Benning, GA
1978-79 Camp Hovey Korea, 1/9th inf 2nd Inf Div
Carter started pulling troops from Korea and combined the 1/9 and 2/9 and moved us to the home of the Big Red One, we stayed 2nd Div for one year then were incorperated to a 1st Div batallion. I got my orders before the change over, and stayed 2nd Inf Division the whole time I was in.

1979 80 Ft Riley Ks 2/9 Inf 2nd /Inf Div

1980-1981 Camp Hovey Korea 1/23 Inf 2 Inf Div
Ex NAV here too.

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) QMSR-QMSM Plankowner, first WESTPAC, Desert Sheild/Storm

USS Spartanburg County (LST-1192) QMSM-QMII mostly dry dock and GITMO, 1 run up the Hudson to Albany, NY for a change of command ceremony.

Pretty good times overall.
Should be, we might not be having some of the issues with the kids these days. People these days seem to think they are OWED respect instead of earning it.
Wow. I swear I was thinking this exact same thing at the same time you were typing it! Obviously I agree strongly! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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