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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by brianlhobbs, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. I am an MES Newbie, just got my “Sams Club†MES last night and am going to try and season it and take on it it’s “maiden voyage†this weekend. So, in looking over past posts concerning the MES, I have a few questions that I have not seen discussed before.

    1) Is the top mounted temperature controller water proof? While I am planning on keeping the unit covered or indoors when not in use, I am wondering if the unit happens to get a quick unexpected dose from a “spring showerâ€, will it survive. What are others doing to shield/protect the controller while the unit is in operation?

    2) I have a outdoor deck where I plan on using my MES. However, Question #1 above, got me wondering about the feasibility of placing my unit on a screen in porch. Is this too risky or a serious fire hazard?

    3) I have seen other threads about covers for the MES, but still have not seen anyone say for sure that the have found a functioning “ready made†cover from some other unit. Before I try to talk my daughter into sewing on up for me, I thought I would ask again, what others have ended up using.

    Sorry if this is too many questions to ask in one subject line. But with that shiny new MES sitting inside, and the crazy Indianapolis Rain outside, I have nothing to do but to come up with questions.

    Thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions or thoughts.

  2. lawdog

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    Hey Brian, welcome to the SMF
    I have the smaller MES and my understanding is that the digital unit is not water proof, that being said I still leave mine outdoors uncovered and have not had a problem yet.

    Personally I would not use it in any indoor setting, I know some on here will smoke in their garage but I know a couple who lost their home to grillin under the eave of the house so i just keep it outdoors.

    I think I read somewhere that the big bradley cover would fit the 30" but not sure about the 40".

    Never can ask to many questions, and again welcome aboard, once you get her seasoned up and start cooking, remember....we love the pics

  3. ne.hunter

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    I have a mes and use a bradly cover mines a 30 in. the cover comes with draw string to close the bottom it might work for a 40

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