Meowey's Tree

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Smoking Fanatic
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May 27, 2006
Danbury, Ct.
Meowey... How's that damn tree of yours doing????
Got quite a few down here trying to turn already...Too Damn early....
Why as a matter of fact, just this afternoon I was sitting in the back yard, thought of you, and looked at that tree. Guess what?!! It has some red leaves on it. I'll try to take a pic of it tomorrow for you.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


OK Vulcan,

Here's the tree!


Another in the neighborhood!


Hope you're "Happy" to see this.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Yeah I think we had enough rain to make it colorful as long as the cold doesn't hit to fast. Can't beleive we had 50 degree nights already - in August!
Yep...your tree is lookin good...not real happy to see the changes already...but ya can't fool Mother Nature...
Those KatiDid bugs have been squawking for some time expecting an early frost too...STILL ALL TOO EARLY...
Hoping fall is nice for you all in the northeast,I could use a little cool air here in WV it has been way to hot and humid here for the last few weeks.Ive noticed dead leaves falling off some trees which is not a good sign.I plan on taking a float trip down the New River at peak color season,I just hope the leaves are nice.
So much for Global warming! Sorry...had to say it...I can't wait for the cooler temps. I'm a Yankee trapped in the humid confines of KY (you try wearing a bullet proof vest in 95 degree humid A$$ weather.) Can't even imagine what it's like in a flack jacket in Iraq

I'll post some pics of the colors here on the KY river when they are in full bloom
We've got lows in the 50's predicted for early next week in D'ville (west of Atlanta FYI) - can handle an early fall after the heat (an upped power bills!) of the last month or so.

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